Beauty // Makeup

Several options for the correct make-up

The cornerstone
Before you take up brushes and tubes, applied to the skin light moisturizer and let it soak, and then go on to equalize the complexion using liquid foundation base.For its uniform distribution is used sponge or stiff brush flat.Move from the top down, from the forehead to the chin.And do not forget at the end of wet face with a dry cloth.

powder nose
If you have oily skin, then slightly zatoniruy face crumbly powder, using a broad, soft brush.Move the same as in the case of tone - downwards.Try not to apply the powder to the area under the eyes - risking much stress small fine lines (do not worry, they are there at all, and this is normal), and this situation is not particularly poulybatsya.

Wings vrazlet
It's time to do the eyebrows.For this useful eye shadow, eye shadow eyebrows special or just a soft pencil.Gently Draw a line of eyebrows and slightly Shade, not to be seen clear lines.If you are brunette or brown hair, choose dark brown, but the blondes are more suitable ligh
t beige and milky.

now move on to the eyes.All the eyelid (and moving, and the area under the eyebrow) apply a light shade of beige pearl.To add a more open look a bit the same shadow on the inner corners of the eyes.By the way, this technique will help "dissolve" close-set eyes.

Lessons graphics
few options right makeup: makeup will help revive the coffee color pencil, applied to the outer corner of the upper eyelid and crease.In fact, you need it for an outline on which you'll apply the shadow of the same shade.By the way, that, showering, shade leaves no traces on the lower eyelids and cheeks, thick powder last, and then simply shake off the powder and everything on it will be.Now
Shade dark shadows moving in the direction from the inner corners of eyes to her temples.In this season of favor soft lines without sharp boundaries, so that will have to sweat.To achieve this effect, you need a soft fluffy round brush for shadows.These "sketches" in the corners of the eyes look will give added depth, mystery and fascination of make-up.

shoot arrows
Well, a modern make-up can do without eyeliner?No!You will need a soft black or dark gray pencil.Make a thin continuous loop through the growth of the upper and lower lashes.Then Shade pencil on the lower eyelid.At the conclusion of Mark pencil inner contour of the lower eyelid - received minor effect in the spirit of smoky eyes.

Stop at one of the lighter shades of lip gloss: peach, pale pink, caramel.To keep longer shine, powdered lips before applying.And no Liner!

natural styling complete the image.Slightly raised strands of a person and secure them with hair spray.But look not overdo it, otherwise instead of curls can get the real icicles.
for face oily skin type suitable special pencil and correcting foundation.First, all the small damage to the skin and redness Sketch masking pencil, after using sponge Apply concealer or fluid.The main thing that foundation is not only suitable for your skin type, and color.Top also can be powdered face crumbly powder.Good luck!