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Professional Make-step instructions

Natural lip color:

You probably dreamed to your lips appearance seemed more sensitive and complete, but not vulgar.If so, it is useful to you one trick that knows of any makeup.First you need to outline the contour of the lips with a pencil loyal (nitrile) color.After fill in this space a neutral gloss.Only then your lips will look really beautiful.

Saving lipstick colors:

There is one problem for women who are "dark" lipstick - lipstick all the time remains on the teeth.As professional advice - you need to carry out only two simple steps.Firstly, after inflict lipstick, put your finger in your mouth, then squeeze around the lips and then you can safely pull your finger out of his mouth.

Hiding skin roughness

uneven skin can be hidden correctors special filling with silicone, which hide all the "defects" of the skin.Apply with a sponge proofreaders.You must then impose on the person a small layer of foundation, then loose powder.If you want your face does not look pale and tired, then you

need to "walk" in him scrub, rub an ice cube and apply a moisturizing mask, and before you apply foundation makeup, you need to rub the skin with nutrients ampoule.Such as collagen, elastin and vitamins.It makes the skin more elastic and fresh appearance.And, of course, do not forget about cosmetics containing reflective particles.

shape of the nose:

If you're unlucky in particular the fact that nature has endowed you with symmetrical and straight nose, then this article is for you.Specialists know exactly what to do in this situation.You can easily adjust the shape of a little bit of your nose.To do this, you are best suitable usual tonal basis, it should only be one or two languid tone that is holding you.You need to apply a darker foundation in the wings of the nose so that the nose seemed much smaller.Next, you will need to apply a little dark but the foundations of the tip of the nose.At the same time it will seem shorter.

use shadows to restore eye contour:

To make your eyelashes thicker, you'll need the usual eye shadow and a brush or applicator acuminata.First, choose a shade goes well with the color of your pencil, that you will use this time to the eye.Particular attention should be given to applying shadows lash line.In this way your lashes become thicker, which greatly affect your appearance, giving elegance and originality.

Illusion prominent cheekbones:

If you face "round" shape, then you can visually lengthen it by highlighting the cheekbones using a blusher.For this you need to put on the space above the cheekbones - blush light shade.As a result of this contrast visually cheekbones just stepped forward, and thus your face a little "stretches" will (visually) more oval shape.

Surely these plain unpretentious advice of professionals to help you create the perfect image.

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