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Technique age makeup

Therefore, every woman is very relevant right applying makeup in her optimal sequence.

beginning of the process of applying make-up is not a cover face powder or foundation, and the preparation of their application to the skin.As a basis can be used as a conventional makeup base, and the means of the series with a therapeutic effect, to address shortcomings.These include funds for oily or sensitive skin, as well as various masking pencils.These funds help to even out skin tone, to prepare it for the application of cosmetics, and in most cases have a curative effect.After application of these funds should not immediately begin application of foundation, and wait until the base is absorbed.

Approximately five minutes after the application on skin makeup foundations may be applied foundation cream or mousse, fluid - depending on the skin type and a season.Tone Cream is suitable for women with normal or mixed skin type, optimal for the application for almost all year except summer.Mousse usually used wome

n with sensitive or dry skin, as well as its use in the summer, because of its very light texture.

Apply tonal tool clapping movements should be using a cosmetic sponge or fingers, as if to "hammering" in his skin.

Then, after drawing tone means you can begin to eye makeup.It also begins with the application of cosmetic bases, but for centuries.Powder eyelids must be carefully emphasize the eyebrow line, a special pencil or shades that match the natural color of the eyebrows.When using eye shadow should also take into account the individual characteristics of the skin, its sensitivity and oiliness.For oily skin can be used, or crumbly baked shadows when dry and sensitive - creamy shadows.The optimal solution for daytime makeup is to use matte shadows of natural colors, but for the evening make-up is to use a more vibrant hues.In the evening make-up, for the most expressive eyes, pearl worth brighten shadows or bright areas under the eyebrow and the inner corner of the eye.After that, we put a dark shadow from the application from the site where the shadow color should be the most intense.For the effect of "cat's eye" in the evening make-up, you can use a liquid or a dry eyeliner that is applied to the outer corner of the eye.The inner corner of the eye and stands out bright or pearl shades.And the finishing touch to eye makeup - mascara, which is applied to the eyelashes, short movements of the upper eyelid.The eyelashes of the lower eyelid can be a stress because of their excessive excretion can lead to puppet effect.

With rouge can emphasize cheekbones or remove unnecessary bulk cheeks, so that blush should be applied very carefully and strictly to the "apples" of the cheeks.

In the event of a bright eye makeup lips can just emphasize a neutral color brilliance, but if he wants to draw attention to this part of the face, the lips make-up should begin with a careful summing up their outline.After that you can use as a normal matte lipstick or gloss applied on top of it, for greater brightness and clarity.

The final touch of makeup to become his fixation colorless powder, which is applied with a large powder-puffs.