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Errors makeup: how to cope with them?

error 1. Do not confuse natural and pale.Some people fit bright shades invisible, someone - bright colors.This is the natural way.The main thing - to see is you choose the type of make-up or not.

error 2. not spoil his "mirror of the soul."Too clear, graphically eyebrows look "frozen" and make the face like a mask.Paint the eyebrows light strokes on the growth of hair.Color pencil is also important: Black is only suitable brunette girl with blond hair is better to use brown or light gray shades pencil.

error 3. On shade shadows also pay close attention: it is not necessary to use a matching eye shadows, so you can turn your eyes to the ridiculous spots on the face.Not always successfully look shadows that matched "color" clothing.

error 4. Big mistake - the wrong tone for the face.When buying a foundation guided by your own complexion, rather than one that you would like.Do not use the color tone on the following: Of course, there is the effect of "a tan", but usually it looks very unnatural.A
nd do not forget to cover the neck creams that was not noticeable contrast between the natural and the protonated skin.

error 5. properly apply blush on the cheekbones necessary.Smears blush on the cheeks do face a tough and aggressive.Do not forget to shade blush to make not look like a clown makeup.

Error 6. There are two types of make-up - day and evening.Do not confuse them.Pearly shade, golden powder - it all looks good under artificial light, but only the old day.In the evening, on the contrary, you can add to your image shine.

error 7. A wrong tone lipstick.Of course, it is necessary to buy the lipstick that suits you.Do not throw to extremes, do not choose too light or too dark lipstick.Remember that women with fair skin are cold shades of lipstick and swarthy - warm colors.

To avoid these mistakes and are always beautiful and natural look, you need to follow a few simple rules:

Rule 1. important than you are beautiful.Buy only high-quality cosmetics, do not hurry with the choice, you choose a suitable color or tone.

Rule 2. Of course, over the years, applying make-up has become a mechanical action that you perform on the machine.So try every time to be painted, as if to look at ourselves.Stay makeup artist for your face: an impartial vote, you go and try yourself, your favorite, decorate.

Rule 3. During applying makeup nedokrasit better than repaint.It is better to look paler than others to hit the proverbial bed "plaster".

Rule 4. return to the beginning.The makeup importantly - natural.

By following these rules, you will always be on top.
know how to determine what your make-up today above all praise?Very simply - by the reaction of others.If you have made the right natural makeup, then everything will delight to talk to you, "What are you today beautiful" and not "How beautiful you are today has made up."

In this article you can learn how to do make-up and were able to learn how to look beautiful and attractive.

Elena Romanova , especially for www.allwomens.ru

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