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How to have beautiful legs?

After legs are most often suffer from various diseases.So we have reason to talk about what to look for that it needs to do and why it happens, the legs have always been healthy and beautiful.

enemy of health, beauty leg blood circulation is poor.It is because it appears and develops varicose veins and cellulite.One of the main reasons can be called poor blood circulation,

which creates surrounding the internal environment for the growth and formation of cellulite.Cellulite tend to form in areas where slow circulation.Cellulite appeared there only exacerbates the problem and creates a hotbed of stagnation.

What is the cause of poor circulation.The reason lies in the high heels in tight clothes, in the long seat with throw each other down.In addition, lack of exercise, sedentary work.

Let's explain as due to poor blood circulation formed varicose veins and cellulite.

Due to the fact that in small vessels blood circulation, to body tissue is disrupted oxygen supply.Quickly formed hard lumps of fat a

re filled with toxins and push the skin outward and upward.The cell walls become hard and thick, even more clogged fat and is virtually trapped in the body.Thus, there is a characteristic skin surface, hummocky.Cellulite and unpleasant deposits of fat in the first place there where broken blood circulation because of the long inactivity, muscle.Next

poor circulation leads to what is already unable to cope venous system.The legs are sore and swollen by the end of the day.Impeded blood flow through the veins of the legs and nothing remains congested veins, how to expand in order to accommodate a stagnant blood.And this is a direct way to cellulite and varicose veins.

How to prevent and detect impending problems?Several have "precursors".It is a feeling of tiredness in the legs, heaviness, burning, which takes place when walking.Cramps, swelling of the foot and lower leg, the emergence of "asterisks" vascular blue, violet of small veins.Further, there is an expansion of larger veins, they are visible under the skin in the form of intertwined knots.This indicates poor circulation.What do we have to do?

are three pleasant, useful and reliable method to improve blood circulation and lymph flow significantly and, consequently, to our beautiful feet.


1. Procedures contrast.

2. Physical Exercises.

3. Massage.

Douches Life improves overall health, increase blood circulation, increase the elasticity.Massage gives the same effect, plus the condition of the tissue improves, strengthens krovoottok and lymph circulation and normalizes therefore hinders the development and the formation of cellulite, eliminates the stagnant phenomena.It is not only the prevention of cellulite, but also the prevention of varicose veins.

All these procedures are nice and simple to help restore, preserve not only the beauty and attractiveness and appeal of beautiful legs, but also health.But in the end, and self-esteem.

Please avoid, anything that hurts your feet.Watch out for them, protect them, take care of your feet, and they'll tell you the incomparable beauty and lёgkostyui and the result will be that you will have beautiful legs

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