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you noticed that when your mind, senses and body are equally full of health and energy, your entire look of natural beauty just shines?The explanation for this phenomenon can be found in Eastern philosophy.The beauty here is considered to be the result of the balance of the three physical elements: air, fire and water.When one of them prevails over the others too, there are disturbances in the body."After all, the beauty - the result of a harmonious life", - said Vishnu Dass, Director of Blue Lotus wellness center in North Carolina, USA.So we take the first step: determine its dominant element and try to cope with it.
skin of this type has a tendency to increased fat content, its pores dilated.It is not susceptible to premature aging, but high humidity and cold can trigger the appearance of acne.

way to restore the balance of water
Eat right:
vpischu Eat warming foods (whole grains, legumes and vegetables) cooked in a light canola or sunflower oil, and products that absorb moisture during cooking
, such as beans and broccoli.Very useful cabbage and arugula, neutralizing fats.Avoid dairy products, fried write, refined sugar and white flour, slowing down digestion.

do exercises:
You may difficult to force myself to do sports, but has drawn one, you'll wonder his tenacity.Try any type of vigorous exercise, such as bikramyoga, twisting and jogging - they are warm and help to get rid of fluid retention in the body.

treat skin:
winter, when important warm and dry sauna.In the winter useful rough warming massage with sesame oil and a little mustard.For the bath, use eucalyptus, rosemary and thyme.And during stimulation using clay, absorbent excess fat.

Suitable cosmetics:
1. Care by stella mccartney gentle cleansing milk with warming mixture of sesame oil and lemon balm, gently removes make-up;
2. Intensive hydration mask (drugstore.com) softens dry skin;
3. Carole frank creme apaisante with essential oils of lavender and geranium soothes, relieves irritation and prevents skin redness.

Dominates element air
skin dry-type mat, with small pores.Most of all it suffers from the winter cold and dryness, which causes flaking and itching.In addition, it is subject to premature aging, and stress leaves an imprint on it.

Eat right:
Choose hot stews and soups.When your sleek physique is not contraindicated excessive fatty foods, even fried in butter.Use olive oil or sesame oil (both have warming properties) and eat basmati rice with a teaspoon of ghee from the milk of buffalo.Avoid cold and raw foods, freeze esophagus, and products that contribute to gas formation, such as beans, broccoli and cauliflower.

do exercises:
People with such skin prone to hyperactivity.Choose a light yoga or other slow and gentle exercise.And to cope with the habit of constantly thinking about all and will worry stretching (stretching exercises).

treat skin
therapeutic effect is sesame oil and almonds, as well as the flavors of ginger, geranium, lemon and vanilla.Buy essential oils and add a few drops to a warm bath and then massage them into the skin after a shower.You can gently heat the oil before use, substituting a bottle under hot water for a few minutes.

Dominates fire element
warm, soft skin fiery type prefers cool.The heat makes the light glow in redness and irritation.

Eat right:
Eat, warmed coconut oil, with neutral spices such as cumin, coriander and fennel.Avoid spicy or acidic foods: tomatoes, vinegar, oranges, since they can cause redness and inflammation.

do exercises:
precise, rigorous exercise (except bikramyogi) can help relax.Meditation after yoga helps a bit cool, and calm the mind.

treat skin:
to relieve irritation, use a spray with rose water.Then try a moisturizer with Melissa, which has a calming effect on the skin, or aloe juice.Before taking bath body massage with coconut oil, then add the water aromatic extracts of rose, sandalwood or hibiscus.

Suitable cosmetics:
1. Soothing Gel bath and shower "Daisy" from AUBREY ORGANICS with cucumber extract and aloe;
2. Oil BODY BISTRO ASAMA ORGANIC NEEM OIL (bodybistro.com) vmassirovat the skin movements from the bottom up;
3. A relaxing shower gel and bubble bath Early to bed by KISS MY FACE with natural olive oil, aloe vera, coconut oil and essences of chamomile.

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