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Correct morning makeup


Before you start to direct beauty, you need to bring in the skin tone to make her wake up.You need to wash.Remember, as you use a douche to relieve fatigue and chase a dream, if this method is suitable for the body, it is perfect for a person.Alternately, the guides are not too strong jet of water in the face, alternating hot and cold water.At the end of the wash with cold water.This will help narrow the pores, and restore blood circulation.

After washing will be required and other procedures.Particular attention should be given to toning the skin with ice.To do this in the freezer should always be at the ready ice cubes, made from broth chamomile or rose petals.So you can wipe the face with ice on the massage lines.This is a very useful procedure to help rid the face of all sorts of signs of fatigue, even if you have not slept the whole day.


necessary condition in which the skin retains its beautiful appearance, it is the cleansing and nutrition.These processes occur particul
arly active at night, when we sleep.If you sleep last night failed, would have to take emergency measures.Do cleansing mask, which helped to get rid of blackheads.Then apply a nourishing cream, which remove the excess tissue.So you deceive the skin quickly complete all the processes that must occur during sleep.But it is worth remembering that if all this prodelyvat regularly noticeable effect will not be - a constant lack of sleep can not cope no mask, it should be visible.


Morning make-up after a sleepless night - a complicated matter.Firstly, you can not go through with bright colors - all rich shades only accentuate fatigue.We'll have to create a natural makeup.Second, the time it will take quite a few.

To begin to hide dark circles and puffiness under the eyes using the equalizer.It also helps to disguise spots and pimples.All skin defects must now be as inconspicuous.

then a layer of foundation.Moreover, the cream is better to choose a tone lighter than the one you normally use - it visually makes a person younger and fresher.After that, the person can be a little powder, the best powder with light reflecting particles - this will make your skin glow.

Suit blush natural shades, the most suitable to your skin color.But the bright colors should be avoided.

shadows better to choose pastel colors, a little richer they can be applied to the outer corner of the eye.Mascara - brown or black as beautiful eyelashes draw attention to the eyes, hide the remaining shortcomings.If you use a liner, instead of black is better to choose a light-green, blue or gray.

But from lipstick is better to refuse at all, better to choose a lip gloss natural color.Thus, you get the best morning makeup that will make you a much fresher and brighter than any flashy colors and sharp lines of makeup.

Morning make-up can help us not just look good, no matter how rich or was last night.It can help you create the right image, emphasizing the natural dignity of the person, to focus on the visible vivid detail and divert eyes from the minor flaws.The main thing is not to try to cover up the color of swelling or bruising under the eyes, and do not try to look 10 years younger than you are.