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Fashion Makeover 2015: the most current trends in 2015

Fashion Makeover 2015: main trends

makeup, as well as clothing, has its own fashion trends.For example, in 2015 one of the trendy areas will make in the style nude.Fashion makeup in shades nyudovyh 2015 should give the impression of a complete lack of makeup on her face.Designers offer women to be as natural, considering that there is nothing more attractive than a "clean" person with a little bit stressed natural data.Also, stylists advise to choose nude makeup as a day of make-up in 2015.

But for evening make up an ideal option would be another trend in 2015 - bright lips.In the fashion of lipstick and lip juicy berry and wine shades.Including the relevance and be the most fashionable color of lipstick 2015 -marsala.An important nuance: when you create an evening makeup, based on bright lips, eyes and eyebrows must be as natural.Admitted as classic black arrows and Smokey ice pastel shades.

Speaking of arrows.In 2015, they will become another fashion trend in makeup.Moreover, the

designers decided to experiment a bit and offered a rather unexpected options: arrows bright colors, thin arrow on the lower eyelids, wide arrows in the style of cat eyes.

Popular accents makeup also will be: broad brow, blue and purple eyeshadow, piercings, the effect of "sticking together" eyelashes.

How to make a fashionable nude makeup 2015

And now let's learn how to make the most fashionable makeup 2015 - nude.For him, you will need tonal basis, concealer, powder, blush and lip gloss natural shades.

Start with the tone.Align complexion using tonal resources and corrector.Then, use a powder, preferably with reflective particles.Do not forget the eyebrows - brush comb them, giving a natural shape.

for eye makeup can be used natural shade of pastel shades, and instead give preference to carcass colorless gel for eyelashes.To lips look sexy, you need to use the scrub and balm, and then apply them colorless shine.

At a first glance, must give the impression that the person is not wearing makeup at all.But a closer look reveals that the cosmetics still the place to be.If you learn some simple techniques of natural make-up, you can in any situation look stylish and up to date!

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