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Makeup as a means of masking

Perhaps, acne, pimples, talc - the most common problem.Young girls are not uncommon too zealous, trying to disguise them, making the makeup is not natural.Of course, no make-up will not solve this problem.Such skin requires special care.But the result is still not visible, you can try to visually make the skin healthier.
For starters, apply a thin layer on the face of foundation, the right skin color.Then use a concealer pencil or masking a tone lighter than your skin tone, apply it to the site of inflammation and allow to dry.Then apply a light layer of powder.It is best suited for oily skin mineral powder with antibacterial effect.They do not clog the pores and allow bacteria to multiply.Do not use pink blush - they only accentuate the inflamed areas, it would be better to use a touch tone - two darker skin.But green shade will help to divert attention from redness on the face.

Girls, which nature endowed freckles, often do not realize their good luck and all the forces trying t
o disguise them.For this you need to choose makeup pale pink cream foundation, light coral blush.Eyes should be particularly careful to emphasize.Lipstick can be saturated crimson or almost colorless.
Usually freckles appear on very sensitive skin.Therefore, all the cosmetics that you use must be hypoallergenic.


often weather-beaten skin, especially in the off-season and in winter, when giving a strong cold wind.In such cases, the skin begins to peel, it becomes rough and covered with pimples.Of course, first and foremost.This should be intensively nourish the skin.But peeling does not pass a single day, so sometimes it is necessary to paint over.To do this, use a moisturizing foundation, which would have the effect of powder, as chapped skin needs protection and powder only will dry it further.Use a creamy blush of warm colors, like a shadow.If the lips are too weather-beaten, they need to eat well, suitable lipstick thick texture, but not too bright shade.

Not all girls are removed excess hair on the face, and there are many.If you have not yet decided on this kind of depilation, but do not give up while on the makeup, forget about powder.Any powder only emphasizes hairs.Apply foundation for the growth of hair, make-up for the rest use conventional means.


Sometimes vessels are so close to the skin, making it not too healthy.Sometimes it changes color.In order to mask the individual "stars", which form the blood vessels burst, need a green concealer, it visually neutralizes redness.If your skin is dark, will help ordinary cream with tanning effect.The rest of the make-up can be anything, but it is usually difficult, since it can not be transparent.

Brown spots.

It is often the age problem.The skin on the face can change appear bright or dark spots.Because you can mask the foundation with a dense texture.For any skin with light spots suitable means of imparting skin tanning effect.Hide dark spots is much more difficult, if not help concealer cream foundation, then, is to attend to their removal.

In any makeup main moderation.If you use cosmetic products correctly and without extremes, you can hide a lot of flaws, give a person the freshness and literally painted over the years.

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