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How to get better after the diet

Well, what do you do?Is there a way out?The most important thing immutable rule - it does not return to the way of life, coca have to diet, when you were full.Though cut me, even hit, but "sit" on a diet you as long as you want to look as good as it is now.Now, all that you eat during the diet should be your habit.Like this?Here are a few recommendations.

  1. first principle - you can have everything, but slowly.Forget the set menu!For one meal you can eat no more than one dish, it may be the first or the second, or salad.However, the tea we not take into account!
  2. If you get up hard, and breakfast is not included in your plans.I disappoint you.We'll have to change, and this habit.The bulk of the food must be consumed in the morning.And dinner like all normal people 12 and not when it is necessary, and afternoon tea to be hours 4. Why?Yes to dinner you ate the smallest portion and no later than 8 hours.
  3. Portia is bound to be small.Fold hands as if you want to get some water.Here, it is so much food you c
    an eat at one time.Believe me, after 1 - 1,5 months of this regime the body will get used to small portions.It will be enough for the amount of food that you have to offer.The main thing is not to lose the habit.
  4. proved that we get better in a greater degree of fatty meat diet.Therefore, let us remember those that dumplings, pasties, manta rays, belyashi and meat pies, we will have a very rare, at least for lunch and take off together, but tea will not eat anything.
  5. Careful you must be and fats as animal and vegetable.Fats are needed by the body.They are useful for the brain, but also some very important elements (such as calcium) without fat are not digested.Therefore, we eat dairy products: yogurt, milk, cottage cheese, a little.But salad dressed with sour cream or vegetable oil, but not mayonnaise
  6. recovered from the diet allows us to excess flour products.Quite without bread is also impossible, but the day is better to use no more than two - three pieces.This may not be the bread and cookies, but also in very small quantities, and if you have the menu for today potatoes or pasta, something about bread and pastries for dinner forget.
  7. But the most common misconception - recover from sweet!Science has not been proved.I heard even once the transfer of one nutritionist.He said that a detrimental effect on our sweet figure has not been proven, so the candy from the diet, we will not be ruled out.The fact that there is an apologetic view is not very sweet, but the fact that it is usually consumed with fat.Well, for example, cream or condensed milk cake, not only sweet, but also fat.Therefore, if you really wanted a cake - let it myself, but not together, and instead of another meal.But dark chocolate and honey - not only will not bring harm to our body, but it will be helpful.It is proved that they are absorbed by the body at 100%.Tea with sugar - is also a myth.He could not bring harm to the figure.A special sweet tooth, you can eat in a day 100 grams of sweets or chocolate.The arithmetic is simple.At 100 grams of leaves somewhere 6 candies.2 candy at a time - it's not a lot, believe me, the main thing is not to enter into the system.

Well, among other things - do not forget to include in the diet of fish and fresh fruits more drink liquids.The most optimal to drink at least 1 cup of yogurt a day.

So in conclusion I want to tell you.Our body - is the material of which we can sculpt, and it has a useful feature, we - it can store and save forms.Each of us has his own form, it saved us over many years (whether it is the fullness or thinness).Some minor changes in this form - a short-term phenomenon.And the body alone comes in its original state.But to change the shape in either direction dramatically and for a long time, you need a lot of effort.But to save the changes received just need some time to hold the body in the required form, it will remember it and save without much effort.

So conclusion.Once your diet is over and you have lost weight on so much, how would you need to survive in the same rhythm for several months.Then the result consolidates the body, and you will not get better again.And while you do get used to such a diet that take it for granted.For you, it will not be a grueling diet, it will be your healthy lifestyle.