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What better way to depilation

1) cream.

With the advent of depilatory creams, it would seem, the main problem is solved: the hair is removed easily and without pain and the risk to get hurt or get skin irritation minimized.There are just these creams - they contain a substance which destroys the hair.Apply these creams are easy - just spread over the surface of the skin cream special spatula, then rinse with fallen away hairs.
This procedure is not really onerous - you quickly, easily and without pain lose excess hair.But it is worth remembering that because of the composition of all these creams have a sharp and not too pleasant smell, the effect of their use is not long, and sensitive skin can become inflamed, despite the fact that the mechanical action on it is missing.

2) Razor.
Perhaps razor - is the most common tool used in the fight against unnecessary hairs.Use it easily, with just a few workouts that each girl could not adapt to this cunning device.But even experience does not guarantee that you will not cut yourself,
especially in a hurry.
With a razor to remove hair can be anywhere on the body, reaching the desired effect.But it is a razor - a major source of irritation of the skin, and the effect of this method of hair removal is very short.

3) wax.
Wax - quite a versatile tool for depilation.You can select the cold option that is already ready inflicted on wax paper strips, just need a little warm in their hands before use.And it is possible to prepare the wax itself, heating it on the stove, put on the skin with a blade and remove hair when it cools the skin.This method is good that such a method is suitable for interior and for home use.It is important to remove the hair against their growth in order to achieve greater effect.
wax removes hair for a long time, if you comply with all the recommendations.But at the same time, such a procedure is very painful, high risk of ingrown hairs, to get rid of that will be difficult.

4) epilator.
This electric priborchik makes life easier for many women.Use it just - it pulls the hair from the root to all body parts.This is also a very painful method of hair removal, but gradually the skin becomes accustomed to the pain and depilatory action is not felt so keenly.However, he also does not protect against the possible occurrence of ingrown hairs, and use it to remove hair in the bikini area is virtually impossible because of the pain.

5) Electrolysis.

This method of hair removal is very popular in the salons.It consists in the fact.With each hair follicle is introduced special electrode through which an electrical charge that destroys the structure of the hair.With electrolysis, you can get rid of excess hair forever, but it will have to endure more than one procedure, each of which is quite painful.In addition, cosmetologists do not recommend such a way to remove hair from large areas of skin.

6) Laser hair removal.

More recently, lasers have been a fixture in science fiction novels, but now their properties have been successfully used in many areas of our lives, including in cosmetology.In just 12 sessions with a laser, each girl will be able to get rid of excess hair on any part of the body.This procedure is good because the minimum effect on the skin, which means that you can not change the habitual way of life, not even the solarium is prohibited immediately after such a procedure.At the same time, the risk of burns and scars, is quite large.It is important to choose an experienced and reliable salon or clinic to entrust themselves for such a serious intervention.

7) IPL.

Photoepilation - is the impact on the hair follicle with light.On the problematic area of ​​skin smeared with a special gel that protects the skin from burns, then using short flashes of hair is allowed.In order to remove any hairs that seem unnecessary, need to go through 10 of these procedures.
This procedure does not guarantee that the hair does not appear again.But even if they do appear, it will not happen soon.However, very blond hair is not defined device, so this method of hair removal is not suitable for those whose hairs do not have enough pigment.

As you can see, the ways to get rid of excess hair and make skin smooth attractive, a lot.You can choose any, based on the characteristics of the skin.available time and money.It should be remembered that any hair removal procedure, a negative effect on the skin.First, the skin loses the protective layer and for a time loses its elasticity and ability to hold the desired amount of moisture, so it requires maintenance and power supply.If the skin is problematic, prone to allergic reactions, there are scars, abscesses or inflammation, then before deciding on depilation, should consult a doctor.In any case, every girl has a pretty wide range of techniques that allow to wear the most revealing swimwear whole summer.