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Secrets of holiday makeup

perfect countenance

talk about all the secrets of the festive make-up, first of all, I want to note that it was the perfect shade of the face - is the key to success.It is also the basis of all holiday (and not only) a make-up.Our goal - to at the close acquaintance little "trouble" on the skin only remained our secret.To do this you need to use the corrector makeup.There are four types of correctors to hide the flaws on your face: concealer in a tube, a corrective cream for the eye area, masking a pencil and a special tool to control color.These corrective remedies have their secrets.By the way, for a perfect holiday makeup before using matting agents, you must be sure to clean the face with the help of a tonic.

Corrector in a tube: hide dark circles under the eyes and skin imperfections as a whole.He was not thick and elastic, so does not spread and perfectly conceals skin.

correction cream for the eye: the consistency is similar to the foundation, but very delicate in texture.Very good matiruet

circles under the eyes, making it look fresh and invigorating.

masking pencil hides all the redness on the skin.It is a practical tool, it can be applied dot.

means for controlling color: evens skin tone perfectly absorbed.

After using equalizer applied powder.She should be delicate shades, so the skin will be silky smooth.Well look bronze powder.If you want to make really festive look, take advantage of flickering shadows and apply on cheekbones and sufficient thin layer of shimmering powder.

Strength view

eyes conceal the secrets of the female essence of sensuality and seduction.In a festive make-up they should be paid a lot of attention.

strength of jade.Remember that the secrets of the holiday include deep jade tones that highlight the very good eye color.Apply on the eyelids to the brow beige and olive shade, they will form the basis for darker tones.To create an intriguing look at all the mobile eyelid add a thick veil of emerald color.Then with the help of green pencil at the bottom lash draw a line and blend it with cotton swab.The final touch will be the amount of mascara for eyelashes, which must be applied several times at intervals to layers of mascara been drying.For a festive make-apa very suitable volume of carcasses.

Very sexy and festive makeup looks with plum shade shadows that create a seductive eye haze.In this embodiment, the eye makeup a lot of attention is removed flickering glare and careful shading borders.As the base is applied to the eyelid shade of pearly silver hue, and on top - purple plum, and folds up to the level they should be shaded.Along the lash line light pencil strokes should go black.This creates the effect of density.Finally, apply a volume mascara in three layers.

Makeup Secrets and Tricks applying lipstick

big lips.To reduce the lips, it is not necessary to trace its outline with a pencil.Use two shades of lipstick: a light in the midst, and the dark on the rest of the province.Gloss applied only in the center.

small lips.Thin lips is painted a shiny lipstick or gloss soft pink color.Before applying them do not forget to cut around the corners of her mouth outline with a pencil.

blurred contours.Flesh Tone pencil above the natural contour of the lips Spend thin line.Just draw a line under it with a pencil, which will match the color of lipstick.Then apply lipstick.

corners of his mouth dropped.They can be "lifted" with the help of contour pencil - just outline the corners of his mouth just above their natural boundaries.