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How to learn to do a pedicure at home

Pedicure have to make every woman, not only for the beauty of well-groomed feet (although beautiful foot - this is a great mood, and self-confidence), but also for health - according to Japanese medicine is on the soles of the feet are the nervesresponsible for one or another internal organ.Removing overgrown skin on the feet, you are essentially cleanses the body, facilitating his breath.Therefore, if you do not know how to learn to do a pedicure at home by yourself, then read the article.

How often should I do a pedicure depends on the desire of women, time availability and characteristics of the nails and skin of the feet.With the rapid build-up of skin on the feet will have to do a pedicure as often as possible, but if the skin is dry and thin legs, this procedure may be resorted to only once a month.

How to learn to do a pedicure at home quicker painless?First of all, we need thorough training legs.Fill the basin with hot water, sprinkle in it soap, grated on a fine grater.You can add a little ba

king soda and ammonia to soften the skin and nails on the toes.Someone used to add water or vegetable oil makes herbal, conifers, sea baths, but in any case must be good to steam foot in front of the main procedure.

time to time poured into the basin with water, hot water.When you feel that the skin on his legs how to steam, can proceed to the processing of leather.Determine the condition of the skin easily - it should buy a delicate pink color.The heels and soles rub a piece of fine pumice - it is also possible to use a brush of medium hardness - a circular motion.You can use a special cleansing peeling for the feet, which will help remove dead skin particles of skin.Rinse feet of water.For pedicure you can start after 20-30 minutes.

First of all a special spatula from manicure set with caution, move the cuticle at the base of the nail to ensure nails free "breath."The skin around the nail roll sometimes grows almost to the middle of the nail - it looks ugly, and besides unhygienic, so if you want to achieve health and beauty legs, move your nail cuticles.

slow the growth of skin at the base of the nail can be, if after a foot bath immediately gently push the edge of her towel.

can not cut cuticles around the toes, as it may cause inflammation of the skin.

Give your nails a beautiful shape, cutting off their nail scissors or nail clippers.Be sure to cut the nail of the thumb in a straight line only, so you will avoid ingrown nail in the finger.Ingrown nail delivers walking discomfort and pain, also remove a serious cosmetic defect that not everyone can master pedicure.Do not cut the nails on the thumb is too short, since they serve as protection from rubbing edge finger shoes and prevent the occurrence of blisters.

Needless thick and hard toenails indicate an excess of calcium in the body.These nails be cut off after steaming for 10 minutes - longer steaming polish is very harmful.It is recommended to reduce and consumption of products containing a lot of calcium, for example, cottage cheese and milk.

If you still encounter ingrown nail, you can cope with it with a solution yoduksuna - it can be bought without a prescription at a pharmacy or to buy a beauty salon.Yoduksun contains iodine, dries ingrown nail edge, and glycerin softens these places.To a few times a day to lubricate this drug lateral wells thumb.Do not attempt to remove the ingrown nail yourself if it bothers you very strongly not to carry infection.Consult a doctor or an experienced master pedicure, which will remove the ingrown edge professional.

To trim toenails properly in a straight line, it is recommended to remove the corners of the nail after nail clippers special steaming.

formed on the fingers and on the sides of the feet "corns" many women are treated as corn - is a mistake.The reason for their education - too tight shoes with a rigid insole."Corns" may appear and poor circulation in the legs.Eliminates they are very difficult, the discomfort can be reduced by using oil compresses, do better on that night.We need to put on your feet thin cotton socks soaked with warm vegetable oil, put a plastic bag on top, and on it - one more socks, can be thicker.Oil compress clear morning, rinse the feet with warm water and then rub "corns" stiff brush.It is useful at night rub into the "corns" castor oil, well softens the skin and healing small cracks on the feet.

When grated, inflammation of the inside of the foot and fingers on the skin before doing a pedicure at home, you can make a nice warm foot bath of decoction of pine needles or infusion of dried chamomile blossoms.

Pay attention to the condition of nails.Caring for them is not difficult, but you need to do it regularly.It is available to every woman.

Accumulated alienated cells and dirt from under the nails regularly remove blunt stick of wood or bone.Do this carefully so as not to damage the inner surface of the nail and the natural fat pad.

Removing the rough surface of the nail using nail files, use the best gentle, soft nail file to keep the nail enamel.

file nails can not in any direction.Constant sawing motion in one direction or the other leads to the fact that it begins to crumble keratin nail, and they become brittle.So file nails in one direction only, namely - from the edges to the center.It concerns and care for fingernails.

toenails often start to exfoliate.With this you can handle, sparsely lubricated at night nails iodine or vitamin regularly covering the basis for a colorless nail polish - it will protect the enamel.

used to strengthen nails special medicated oil to help restore the structure of the nail.

yellowish nails say about the lack of vitamins in the body.For such nails periodically make bath with lemon juice (about 2 tablespoons to 1 liter of water), you can simply wipe the nail half a lemon every day.Include in your menu foods rich in vitamins - especially fruits and vegetables.