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How to do a pedicure and manicure?

The most important tool is a nail file, but rather a set of nail files, it is important not to make the wrong choice.Those who have strong nails are likely to fit tools sapphire type or perhaps sand.But as you know, not everyone can boast of strong nails, and so we advise the less strong nails sets with fine-grained sawing and sanding area.

before I forget, I want to notice, do not even look at the metal nail files, it has already passed stage.Basis nail files should be rubber, well, or in extreme cases, cardboard and metal nail files leave our men.In our article, we will consider how to do pedicure and manicure lovely ladies, not men.

Before you start work on the nails, be sure they are dry because wet nails can simply begin to delaminate.It should be remembered that it is not necessary to crawl nail file back and forth movements should be strictly in one direction, from the tip of the hole.The beauty of form, in general, will depend on the condition of the nails, and of course the shape of your fing

ers.In that case, if you have long thin fingers, you go square shape nails, in other cases it is better to stick to the classical version, oval.Achieve a mirror finish is possible only with the help of nail polish, it makes using special polishing nail files, with applied on them figures that indicate the sequence of polishing to achieve maximum effect.

How to do a pedicure and manicure? Cuticle - with this very important moment begins manicure.The cuticle can be removed in two ways, but the best way to choose not to cut.A more humane and virtually painless way to look like.Apply cuticle bit special liquid, and wait until the skin around the nail will soften and become more elastic, then take a special wand with a rubber tip and gently move the cuticle back, as it were, under the base of the nail.

Before you start removing burrs, is in the hands of a good steam bath of warm water with the addition of glycerol, well, or if there is no glycerol on hand, you can add a teaspoon of common salt.Thus, steam and hand wiped them with a clean towel or cloth now take special tweezers and start deburring.It is very important that the pliers were positioned perpendicular to the skin.Oh, and before this procedure would not hurt to disinfect tools - it will be right, because it is not known how many germs are on the tool, and bring them into the wound, which may occur during removal - not a very pleasant thing.Once you're done, wipe melenkie wound antiseptic solution.

next step is varnishing.In the first place we put the nail base, because of this color will be more intense and smooth.Usually it dries from 3 to 5 minutes.Then select a color and apply basic varnish.When applying paint, do it gently, do not immediately abundantly deals varnish is best to apply it for 2-3 sets to get a smooth surface without bubbles.To paint dried up faster, you can hold your fingers under a jet of ice water.

Choosing paint should be taking into account the shape of the nail and skin tone.With a hint of bluish suitable varnishes for women such as winter or summer.If a yellowish tinge to the skin, then you will approach rich red or pink color.With almond-shaped nail, suitable dark and matte colors.Marigolds are not all perfect, there are flaws and irregularities in this case it is not necessary to use a pearlescent paint as all the little troubles will become even more noticeable.There is another little trick you can use to visually enlarge the effect of long nails - namely, apply a light varnish on the nail, but do not paint over the edge, and visually it will be longer.

How to do a pedicure and manicure? Pedicure currently has a great aesthetic value.If earlier to make it, it was necessary to wait for an appropriate case (for example, a holiday any), today pedicure - a mandatory procedure for any female.Especially if the yard is a hot summer.And it is right!After you shoot with legs closed shoes and fun shoes sandals with the open fingers.But how to look beautiful in this case, well-groomed and neatly painted nails on legs!

Technique pedicure is not very complicated, it can be done at home.

1. First, we should carefully examine the toenails, if the old paint is present, carefully wipe it cotton wool dipped in nail polish remover or acetone.

2. The second stage will pedicure Foot bath: Pour into a bowl of warm water, add a little sea salt and steamed legs for 20 minutes.

3. Once you steam the legs, wipe them dry and check for foot calluses or corns.Corns can occur in women who wear high-heel shoes.This thickening of the skin, which can sometimes get sick.In the steamed skin this defect will be much easier to remove.So, we should take the abrasive sawing leg or a special porous stone, and begin to file away this seal.But here it is not necessary to rely on visual effects, you should listen to the feelings, because in the eyes may seem that there is nothing more to remove, and in fact, will still be corns, and soon he again narastёt.In the same way should be processed and heels touch heel should be Gorny.There are also problems such as cracked heels, this is due to improper care, so the cracks should be treated with some disinfectant and healing agent.After all done, must again go through the problem areas, but with the help of a small nail file, in order to avoid irregularities.

4. It's no secret that because of the narrow shoes for little fingers may appear hard corn, and at their fingertips - skin tightening.They should also be careful to treat nail file.

5. After these procedures lubricates the feet with a special cream, and cracks on the skin - a special cream.

6. The next step will pedicure nail clippers, for which we need special clippers.Then nails should be sawed and, if irregularities polished.

7. The next step is to remove the cuticle.But by and large the cuticle on hands and feet is not very different, so we carry out the same actions that are described above.

8. Once you have brought your legs in order, do not be amiss to make a mask for the feet, or even peeling.A small amount of money is to pound on the foot massage movements.It should pay particular attention to those places where there were corns, calluses and horny.The skin of the foot becomes more soft and elastic due to the fact that this tool peels the upper layer of the epidermis.Then rinse with warm water feet and wipe them dry.It will not be superfluous mask with cooling menthol disturbed feet, you want to keep no more than 15 minutes.When the time to wipe their feet and spacing between fingers and lubricates the feet with cream.

Here are some simple tips to help you make the right manicure and implement care legs, which should also look attractive.After all, a beautiful woman should be beautiful in all - do not need to forget about it!And the beauty of nails in this case is not in last place!

Be enchanting!