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Gel nails at home

Every woman will certainly want to have beautiful, strong and well-groomed nails, but unfortunately, this beauty can boast not all.Brittle, weak nails, which can break down at the most inopportune moment, able to deliver a lot of trouble to her mistress.But today, thanks to the development of technologies in the field of health and beauty, to get beautiful and strong nails can each of us.This article focuses on the gel nail.What procedure is required nail?First of all, accrued nails look stylish, nice and neat.In addition accrued nails gel, much stronger natural nails.Artificial nails are the ideal way to hide or correct any defects or nails will help owners of brittle, weak nails nail plate, to get long beautiful nails.It is also a universal remedy to fix their hands in anticipation of the holiday or important event.Is it possible to gel nails at home itself?Of course, this procedure is not too complicated and subject to technology, build a home can be an alternative to salon treatments.Nail gel is the

most gentle method of building.

The main component in this kind of technology - gel .Its main advantage is the ability to allow air and moisture, so the nail gel does not affect the growth and development of the natural nail.Under the action of UV gel on nails turns into a strong vitreous coating.Also sometimes the gel is applied as a coating on natural nails to make them sturdier.In technology nail gel and a lot of other advantages.Nails extensions gel, flexible and look very natural.If you compare them with acrylic nails, gel nail extensions are less susceptible to deformation.This procedure is painless and completely safe, and the nail plate under artificial nails developed absolutely normal.The only drawback is the sensitivity of the gel capacity of artificial nails to temperature changes.Most manicure believe that gel build-up has prospects for further development.Why do most professionals prefer nail gel?Firstly, acrylic can cause allergic reactions.He has a sharp unpleasant odor, which can be harmful to the body, most women refuse to acrylic technology for the benefit of the gel, it is because odor acrylic.In case of damage or breaking of the acrylic nail with it breaks and the natural nail plate.

To build gel nails at home, you will need the following materials - modeling gel, the special UV lamp, ensuring polymerization gel brush gel tips, Glue, Tipsorezy, nail file, degreaser and manicure tools.In stores you can find ready-made kits for gel nails.As a rule, the first experience of gel nails at home, you may encounter a number of problems.For example, the problem of peeling of the gel.This happens due to improper preparation of the nail plate, so before the extension procedure is not recommended to use hand cream.Careful sawdust nails and clear them from the accrued cuticle, free edge of the nail must be cut to the shape of TIPS.Patience, accuracy and strict adherence to the art building, it is sure to lead you to a successful outcome!

So now more about how to increase the gel.To start using the saw blade, carefully Cut down the top layer of the nail.This is done in order to get a good grip on the material realized.Then pick on each finger artificial nails - tips, the more accurate will choose the size, the more natural it will look artificial nails.Put a small amount of glue on the inner surface of the tips, and attach to the nail, firmly press them for a few seconds until the glue dries.

With Tipsorezy, trim the tips to the desired length.Treat nail file edges and tips of the artificial nails, giving them the desired shape.The border between the nails and nail zapilivaem not necessary.We proceed to build.Open the gel and mix it with the tip of the brush.Interfere only need that part of the gel that you use in the process of building.Type in the brush a small amount of gel and spread it evenly on the entire region and nail tips, fills the space that would have accrued had the nail smooth.Place the hand under UV lamp for 2 minutes, for that would zatverdel gel.

gel is applied to the nail layers, each new layer continue to dry under a UV lamp.The more layers - the stronger will be the nail, but do not overdo it, as too thick will look unnatural.In conclusion it is necessary to degrease the nails.After polymerization of the gel on the nails may remain sticky layer, which is contacting with anything, can leave small dents on itself, which of course affects the beauty and brilliance of artificial nails.That is why use a degreaser which will remove the sticky layer.It happens that when building the nail is not very smooth, then use nail file and level of imperfection, and then again a layer of gel coat nail and degrease.Now your long and beautiful nails can be covered with varnish or loved using different ways to make an original drawing on nails.

Whichever method you nail for themselves choose, in the first nail enhancements is better to turn to a professional nail studio, where you can learn all the details and rules technology to build and then carry out the procedure at home will be much easier!

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