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Is it possible to give a nail file?

Hands woman - it was her "calling card", speaking about love Do yourself a lady, she cares about you or not.The first thing that catches the eye, looking at hand - a manicure.Professionally manicured pleasing to the eye, delivering a great aesthetic pleasure.One means of helping to make a good manicure or eliminate the problems encountered with a broken nail is a nail file.Nowadays, she is practical and versatile, with bright patterns and embossed.

Variety saws

When choosing a gift, note that different nails are completely different saws.For naroshchennyh nail nail file suit with a coarse texture.For natural nail - nail files, based on cardboard or rubber, or glass nail file.Metal nailfiles use undesirable because they cleave the fingernail and destroy the structure.

If the nails are hard, it is possible to give the diamond, ruby ​​or sapphire nail file.If the nails are brittle and thin, they should handle nail files made of sandpaper or ceramics.Last - carefully give to nails shape.Also, for very

sensitive and very thin nails should choose a crystal nail file with a fine-grained application.

addition, there are polishing nail file.They glossed nails, make the surface smoother.However, this procedure should not be performed more frequently than twice a year.A more frequent use of a nail file nail plate much thinner.

Choice nail files

Choice seems to be a simple gift - nail file - it is responsible.Different shaped sawing solve various problems.With a large nail files, you can change the length of the nail.But with the help of small to give the nail shape.Almost all have some nail file parameters: 17 - 18 centimeters in length and 1.5 - 2 centimeters wide.However, the market can find a miniature nail file.Or, for example, curved nail file.

Files on a wooden base have high strength.However, at the same time they are not too flexible.Today on sale there are bilateral nail file with a different grit on each side.With their help, the girls can be treated as natural (fine abrasive) and artificial (large abrasive) nails.The most short-lived and are considered cheap nail file on a cardboard base.They must be changed every 4 - 6 months.

processing rules nail

If you give a nail file a teenage girl, she should explain that there are certain rules for the treatment of nails.They should follow, and then the nails will always be healthy and well-groomed.

  1. Nail file - it's a personal hygiene products.Therefore, you can not borrow it for a while to someone else or take someone else in any case!
  2. While nails are dry, begin their filing is not necessary.
  3. Movement nail file is carried out in the same direction.
  4. To make nails oval shape rasp they need in a direction from the edges to the center.If it is necessary to make a rectangular shape nails, the nail file to file must be in a straight line, which is perpendicular to the line of growth of the treated nail.

Care sawing

When buying nail files should pay attention to how long it lasts: a month, a year, two or more.However, the durability of the sawing depends on how you will take care of her.

• After using the nail file it is always necessary to be cleaned, that is, a nail file wash with warm water and soap.

• Emery paper-based clean dry stiff brush.

• You can not sawing wood disinfected and sterilized.Keep it should be only in a special case.

• Products that are based on polyurethane, does not make any contact with water and sterilization.

• Crystal nail file is not afraid of water or any other liquid disinfectant.It can be cleaned, sterilized and boiled.

• Very easy to clean and is considered to be made of glass nail file.However, it can not be boiled.

Buying Tips nail files

When buying a gift - a nail file - be sure to ask the seller a certificate of quality.Fake nail file can cause irreparable damage to the nails and skin of hands.The fact that its composition may contain metals cadmium, lead, nickel, and so on.In contact with the skin of fingers due to exceeding the permissible norms, these metals are sometimes lead to infectious chronic diseases.

Also, when buying nail files need to pay attention to the degree of abrasiveness, ie roughness or stiffness sawing.It measures the degree of abrasiveness in Gritti (grit): the higher the Gritti, the softer nail file.Jig with abrasivity of from 100 to 180 grit designed for processing of artificial nails.From 180 to 240 grit - for natural nails.From 240 to 500 grit - for polishing.Jig 1000 grit - for polishing nails.

Now we know how to choose the right gift.Is it possible, giving the nail file, expect gratitude for such a modest gift?Of course!This woman, a girl, and even teen will appreciate your concern for her beauty.And if you're confused by the cheapness of the gift, do not worry.Sales have branded nail files with Swarovski crystals from precious stones and even diamonds.But the money happiness?

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