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Spring Update

Juicy notes of orange, mandarin and currant, rose and classic "sea breeze accord" will give you a sense of the exotic paradise and distant golden beaches, Very Irresistible Summer Vibrations, Civenchy.

legend Aroma, fragrance J'Adore star with notes of rose, orchid, violet and ripe fruit are now in the new version, Dior.Happy in Bloom Fragrance with notes of yellow plum, lily, mimosa creates an atmosphere of fresh spring morning.This season, the bottle is decorated with floral patterns in the spirit of Impressionism, Clinique.


Shining a light and translucent makeup - the main trend of the season.But natural does not mean pale.Cleverly combine a natural and flashy colors, attracting the attention of others!

1. shadow palette of warm shades 4 Wanted Eyes Palette, Helena Rubinstein.

2. Limited edition face powder Ffeur de Frangipanier, Cinevchy.

3. pearl powder facial Meteorites, Guerlain.

4. Shining blush Pop'N'Cheelcs sand and coral tones, Lancome.

With love ... By the nature

Cosmetics legendary brand, one of the trendsetters in the organics, now in Moscow.The concept of the brand lies in its title: two components Melvita word translated as "honey" and "life."The first products of the brand was honey soap in the form of a honeycomb.More than 20 years in the heart of a nature reserve Ardèche in France created a unique means of 95% composed of natural ingredients.This is confirmed by eco-certificates.

spring we begin to prepare for bikini season.But his experiments with bronzers, anti-cellulite and depilatory cosmetics in human life forget an important component of care: moisturizing.It is time to rectify the situation!

After 4 weeks, body cream with essential oils of magnolia, bergamot, shea butter and sunflower will skin in good condition, Sanoflore.

honest truth

At this romantic time of the year you can not miss a single detail.Makeup, body, hairstyle has to be perfect.In the spring of inspiration and beauty we once again appeal to nature.The extracts of pineapple and cotton ("Net Head» Herbal Essences), proteins cashmere (Cashmere, Schwarzkopf Professional), extracts of cassia ("Merging with nature» Pantene Pro-V) help to restore and strengthen the hair, giving it a dazzling shine.

drink of water

Dehydrated skin poorly reflects light, so even under the generous rays of the spring sun, your skin will look very dull and lifeless.It is necessary to find the proper moisturizing and reducing agent, which will give your skin a 24-hour care and enjoyment.

anxious attitude

To prevent photo-aging, even in the spring of facial skin need reliable protection.Choose tools that are not only high SPF, but also contain antioxidants.

Protective Face Cream Ale Capital Soleil SPF 25 contains thermal water, Vichy.

Cream Soleil Divin SPF 50 contains polyphenols, grape seed.Caudalie.

Face Cream Sun Block / FaceSPFiO contains a complex of antioxidants, Pola.

Fluid SPF 30 provides protection from UV rays and looks, La Meg.

bronzers, tanning bronzer powder ... what is there not today in our arsenal to acquire a nice tan.And all because of tanned skin looks healthy and rested.It does not matter whether you come back from the fashionable resort or until just dreaming about honeymoon.With bronzers means your skin will get a sexy shade of chocolate.Use this!

sprays, oils and lotions to moisturize the skin for a long time;give the skin a beautiful, even and natural tan, which is shown from 1 to 5 hours and lasts for two to five days;They contain vitamins, as well as protect the skin from the harmful effects of free radicals;convenient and easy to apply to even the most remote places.

must be remembered that bronzers do not protect against the harmful effects of sunlight.Therefore, the sun does not forget about the means with SPF.


thin even layer of spray or apply a tan to the skin (more than a thin layer - at the hairline on the part of the body with light skin: elbows, knees, ankles).Take a bottom-up, start the procedure from the processing of legs and arms finish.

After applying

Avoid contact with water and clothes to complete absorption of the cream.If you choose a self-tanning lotion, use surgical gloves.If you are still not satisfied with the result obtained, take a shower to scrub the skin and rub hard sponge.This will erase a tan skin.

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