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Main features of spring cosmetology

long winter weakens the entire body.Lack of sunlight, lack of vitamins.On the street - a disastrous frost in the room - the drying heating ... The result is pitiable.Depression, headaches, drowsiness.Dropping split ends.Ashen, coarsened, flaky skin.And the beauty is required!To help women come spring cosmetology.

Main features of spring problem - their complexity.Therefore, the main features of the spring cosmetology are records of all the negative factors, the overall impact - both inside and outside.The first thing you should pay attention - your food.In the winter-spring period is necessary as many fresh fruits and vegetables.But to survive the winter apples and carrots, alas, had lost most of the nutrients.In this situation, the body will be good support supplementation of vitamin complexes.Charging vitamins significantly improve the condition of hair and skin.After all, they - a kind of indicator of our health.And the main thing: good nutrition can help get rid of the blues and find inspiration fo

r other procedures.And they have a lot to.


In the first weeks of spring requirements for face care little different from the winter.Still before going out must use fat nourishing cream that protects against cold and wind.Stepping into the room, it is worth to wipe the face tonic or tonic herb tea to the skin can breathe.

sun becomes every day more and more active, though summer is still far from power.If your skin is prone to the appearance of age spots and freckles, now you need to use one of the bleaching and protective equipment, which offers a lot of modern cosmetology.

During the winter the horny layer of the epidermis thickens.Because of this, the facial skin becomes gray and dull.In order to return it to a fresh new look, use a variety of masks.If you normally put a mask 1-2 times a week, now it is recommended to do every day.This abundance - also features spring cosmetology.Sequentially alternating scrub and mask for deep cleansing, moisturizing, nourishing and toning mask.Good supplement their action cosmetic compresses contrast washing.Within a few days you will notice a change for the better.

Hand Care

How carefully whatever you care for your hands in winter, and they have suffered.So add to the usual manicure special baths, massage, exfoliating treatment for the hands.Well pampered hands moisturizing and nourishing masks - they deserve your concern no less than the face.To strengthen and support the nail recommend using special cosmetic oils or traditional recipes (lemon, castor oil, egg yolk).

Foot Care

Remember that the shoes will soon be open, and skirts - short.And then present to the feet of all, what they dreamed all winter long.

Hair Care

Check out the entire arsenal, which is offered today for hair care.Also shampoos and balms-conditioners is also a huge selection of different masks.Take advantage of them for the treatment of weakened over the winter hair.Or resort to folk remedies: Boil chamomile and nettle, burdock oil.

Body Care

spring, more than ever in another season, the skin of the whole body also needs special care.Scrubs, nourishing, moisturizing and toning shower gels - all at your disposal.Take the mask - and apply it to the body.Especially important are exfoliating, cleansing and nutritional formulations.And finally, of course, apply the cream for the body.

In humans, everything is interconnected.Matter and nutrition, and sleep, and beauty care.Main features of spring Cosmetology - procedure, giving you health, beauty and high spirits.Wake up with nature!