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Scents for the stylish and modern woman

Perfumes , mousses, shampoos, hair styling, and even creams should be chosen very carefully so as not to disturb the integrity of the image.We will help you determine what natural odor is best for you.

Artificial flavors are tough tire olfactory system, rendering it unable to perceive other odors (the principle of air freshener).

natural flavors of your body - the most powerful aphrodisiac.And if a man does not like your natural scent, it is useless, "score" of its artificial perfume.

Such rejection fragrances for stylish and modern women - an important signal about the possible physiological incompatibility, it is worth listening to.

Natural perfumes are blended with the natural body odor, underlining, and without drowning it.

when not combined perfumes and cosmetics perfume, it is hard for the man himself and to others, so makeup is better to choose an odorless.

Artificial fragrances cosmetics and fragrances for the stylish and modern woman - one of the most common causes of allergies, asthm

a, dermatitis and even reduce the reproductive function of the content of phthalates ("locks" the smell).The older we are, the more sensitive our skin.Funds without fragrances tend to be softer because specially developed for sensitive skin.

Try cosmetics

1. Moisturizing Protective Cream Toleriane Riche LA ROCHE-POSAY thermal water, relieves irritation, and karite butter, compensates for the deficiency of lipids.

2. Deep cleansing mask in a series of Anti-blemish solutions from CLINIQUE eliminates skin imperfections.

3. deep cleansing lotion for sensitive and dry skin from CLEARASIL

4. Refreshing oil for dry skin in a series of Garden Heart swisso logical active spa from ZEPTER International.

white flowers Sex

Ylang-ylang - a powerful erotic stimulant, stimulates creativity.Increases sexuality, it warms the body.Carefully angina.

Vanilla - relieves stress, anxiety.The aroma of trust and warm feelings of youth.It is preferred mature people.Antispasmodic agent.

Jasmine - the embodiment of kindness and tenderness.Erotic stimulant, increases sensitivity and perception.It stimulates the blood - and lymph pelvic organs.

Valley - is able to win the last anxiety, a feeling of confidence and reassuring.Gently use in lymph and blood stagnation in the upper body.

Lily - strengthens the determination to move on track in a calm frame of mind, stimulates the energy of the pancreas, enables well-formulated tasks.

careful when obsessive-compulsive disorder.Lily fragrance affects the liquid exchange in the stomach and pancreas.

able to eliminate the conflict between the soul and the personality, and thereby to heal physical ailments.The soul has a "mission", in other words, individual development plan, which may not coincide with the social framework and the requirements of society to the individual

deodorant with the fragrance of perfume Sexy REXONA.Toilet water Woman or HERBALIFE: citrus base with a floral note of jasmine, water lily and peony.

Green Summer Eau de Toilette by YVES ROCHER Organic passionflower extract and essential oils of lemon, orange, clementine.

Fine pink flowers

Rose - creates trust in the man confidence.It strengthens the energy of the heart, gives joy.Grappling with obsessions and intrusive (medical use - disinfection of air detoxicant).

Tonic "Aroma" for dry, sensitive and mature skin from LUSH with infusion of rose, softens the skin, and lavender, giving the effect of the balance of water.

Blackberries - increases heart energy, attractiveness.Treats fluid retention in the lower limbs.

Fresh citrus

Orange sweet - flavor of happiness and satisfaction, strengthens the kidney energy, helps to control himself and manage time.Good for those who are hard to wake up.

Bitter orange - the action is the same as that of the sweet, but too active - a big load on the heart.Aphrodisiac.

Lemon - stimulates the stomach energy and resourcefulness.The perfect remedy for mental "constipation."It stimulates squandering.

Lime - stimulates the energy of the pericardium increases sex appeal.It reduces body temperature.

- aroma understanding.It stimulates the lungs, heart and liver, protects their energy.Dries body, removes excess moisture promotes lymph and blood circulation in the head.

tonic for the body with grape seed oil, orange, bitter orange, grapefruit, mandarin.

Balm conditioner "Glitter laughter" from HERBAL ESSENCES with extracts of strawberry, green tea and flowers of orange tree.

Exotic musk

with wood notes, aromas of patchouli, tea tree, musk, bergamot.

Firming and toning mist SPARITUAL with Australian tea tree oil and witch hazel extract virgin (witch hazel) to restore peace of mind.

Eau de Toilette The Bergamote from L`OCCITANE with the aroma of tea "Earl Grey".

Eau de Toilette "Karma" by LUSH with soothing and revitalizing orange patchouli.

- enhances creativity, self-confidence, tones, removes obsessive-compulsive disorder, increases strength and endurance against the backdrop of increasing the sensitivity.Aphrodisiac.Gently apply when irascibility and heart disease.

Bergamot - enhances the energy of the heart and lungs, is well-suited for sensual conversation loving people.Erotic stimulant.A powerful antiseptic and tonic.

Musk - a powerful erotic stimulant and tonic.The spiritual practice is used to stimulate the lower chakras, the energy supplying top.

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