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Looking for the perfect perfume: a practical guide to choosing women's perfume

On every taste and budget: kinds of spirits

Absolutely all perfumes are classified according to the pricing and target audience.Focusing in mainstream perfumes, you can choose the option that will appeal to you.

Mass market - the products are designed for the middle class, the so-called mass market.It is available in small vials and retains flavor resistance of about 4-6 hours.Most often, this category of spirits is part of a series under some common name (for example, in company with body lotion, soap, shower gel).

Perfumes luxury - this fragrant creation by famous fashion houses, jewelers, perfumery companies.This product fully complies with the latest fashion trends, so very popular.To promote the spirits of the "luxury" used large-scale advertising campaigns featuring Hollywood stars, top models, celebrities.

Perfumes premium - a product of the famous fashion houses, but at more affordable prices.This product covers a wider audience than its luxury counterpart.

Niche perfumery is the most expe

nsive and elite.For its production uses only natural ingredients of the highest quality.This product is not intended for mass production.Some fragrances come in perfume boutiques 1-2 pieces a year!

How to choose perfume?

One of the ancient Mesopotamia chemists created spirits distillation of different colors and oils.Persistence and change their smell depend on the dosage of oil and flowers.These were the first prototypes of the modern perfume that could last long on the clothes, without losing its original flavor.Since then, perfume and began its triumphant conquest of our hearts.

to select your perfect perfume and did not give up his scent on arrival home, you need to know a few tricks of the trade.The first perfume shop - not the best place to choose flavor.The fact that you can choose the right scent only to a certain situation, namely without fuss and foreign odors.That is, the study of the spirits on the run and in a room saturated with dozens of flavors is unlikely to lead to anything good.

If you want to make a purchase immediately, at least, try to create a requirement.To do this, apply perfume on her wrist, walk away from the store in the park or in a cafe, try to relax and breathe only scent of your skin.If you have time to think, it is better to carry your favorite fragrance home, dropping perfume on a piece of paper.However, then they will smell a bit like on your skin.But other conditions "tasting" will be met, since you prefer it calmly and slowly, in a free from extraneous flavors apartment.If you decide to take a two samples, make sure that they were separated from each other, for example, one piece of the bag, the other - in the pocket.

Secondly, if you like the smell of perfume your girlfriend, this does not mean that they will have to "lead" itself in the same way.Skin of every person is individual, and the aroma coming from our influences and the composition of the subcutaneous tissue, and skin temperature, and the presence of her hair, and many other physiological factors.It is for this reason that the same perfume is not only manifest themselves more resistant to at least one woman, and - on the other.They even provide a completely dissimilar shades of odors.Therefore, choosing a fragrance smelling only his own net from the surface of the skin.

Third, be patient in determining their relationship to the spirits.Do not give the impression produced aroma in the first seconds, because for a few hours the smell of perfume changes.And if at first it seemed to you a beautiful, then it is possible that a little poz¬zhe spirits manifest in such a note, which will annoy you.

And fourth, when testing for resistance of spirits not pod¬nosite site to continually perfumed nose.Our sense of smell has a habit of "tired", and soon you may find that the smell is completely eroded.And in fact, you feel it just stopped.So quickly inhale the fragrance, and then let the nose for a while to rest and then again just to smell the skin.For the same reason, do not make more than two samples at a time.

How to choose a perfume based on his tsvetotipa?

tsvetotipa Each has its own rules of selection of flavors.So, if you're blonde and you gentle light or pinkish skin, then give preference to fresh, light, airy, subtle aromas with floral notes.You can also opt for a perfume with the scent of fruit or green tea.These odors will accentuate your "light" way, without weighing it, but on the contrary, giving it even greater ease and elegance.

If the color of your hair or brown ash, then pay attention to the spirits, which are present in the aroma of erotic tone.Spirits do not have to be harsh and screaming.Element thin eroticism combined with fruity fantasies give your image brightness and refinement.

Those women whom nature has endowed a bright appearance, namely, red hair, green or hazel eyes - may choose a more "heavy" flavors such as spicy or oriental.These spirits will add juiciness image, will make you more attractive and desirable.

Brunettes ideal cold flavors.But the perfume with notes of sweetness you'd better not choose.It is better to give preference to the sensual fruit compositions interspersed with musk, sandalwood, a variety of colors.

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