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Intimate gel

acidic environment kills harmful microorganisms, but it is suitable for sperm.When cleaning the woman uses soap or normal shower gel, it can upset the balance in the intimate area.Because care it is important to carefully choose the means.For women with sensitive skin suitable gel for intimate hygiene.Such means are well moisturize the mucous and is an excellent replacement for your ordinary soap.

How to choose a gel?

There are many companies that produce a variety of means to intimate care and choose the best among all their diversity is difficult.To ensure high quality products and to protect yourself from fraud, gels buy in supermarkets, shops or special women's best in pharmacies.

Most gynecologists recommend choosing gels that take into account all the nuances of the intimate areas such as the acid-alkaline environment in the vagina, its flora and others.The most successful option would be such agents which prevent bacterial growth, because doctors say that a part of these funds should include

lactic acid.That it can maintain the acid-alkaline balance in the intimate area, as well as to protect against infection.

also good, if a part of the gels for the care has aloe as it is able to moisturize the skin and extractor chamomile, it has anti-inflammatory effect.Use of such best means twice daily, morning and evening.

addition, welcomed the presence in the media for intimate care components such as:

  • oak bark extract, calendula or other similar herbs, which are antiseptics and moisturize the skin;
  • tea tree oil, because it is useful as a preventive measure on a number of women's diseases;
  • D-panthenol.This material moisturizes the skin, and can also remove the irritation.

Some qualitative gels

Gels O'RONI - soft means for daily intimate care.Due to their Member Essential oils and extracts from various herbs (chamomile, calendula, tea tree and others.), Agents have a regenerating, soothing and anti-inflammatory effect.Also, these gels have antimicrobial, antifungal and antiviral effect and are useful as a means for the treatment of certain inflammatory diseases intimate area.They are used for mild daily cleansing of intimate body parts.

«Balian» Lubricant Gel is intended for the maintenance of cleanliness and comfort in the vagina and external genitalia.The tool is designed so that it helps to restore the natural microbial environment of the vaginal mucosa, as it supports the humidity level at the desired level.Apply this gel can and pregnant and lactating.The gel is also useful for the prevention of diseases such as candidiasis of the vagina.It can be used as a lubricant gel in the case of dryness in the period preceding or following the menopause.Used for the prevention of complications caused by visiting the public beaches or pools.

Intimacy Gel Deo. company UST together with experts in the field of gynecology, dermatology and bacteriology developed an innovative tool for intimate care.After the test, which lasted for 2 years, and which was attended by many women of different age groups, it was released gel DEO ADULT UST.It allows you to receive protection from fungal infections by saving natural acidic environment.It does not cause skin irritation.During the month recommended that the gel every time you change a tampon or pad.

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