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Collagen as a component of the skin

With age, this ability is gradually disappearing.This is due to a change in the hormonal balance.Especially the properties of the skin is lost after menopause.

should also be noted that in addition to hormonal any hormonal changes on the collagen fiber also affects the action of the environment.For example, this may be the sun's rays.Also, the collagen fibers are very sensitive to toxins.As a result of various factors can change shape of the face.The skin may become thin and dry, wrinkles may appear.The aging of the skin caused by hormonal changes can not be undone, but to date there are means to slow it down.Manufacturers of cosmetics, in the manufacture of products include therein collagen.This, of course, purchased products must be of high quality.A high-quality products, as a rule, can not be cheap.

There are several types of cosmetics with collagen.Their value depends on the type of collagen that is used in the manufacture of these products.There are three kinds of collagen: animal, vegetable and

marine.Animal collagen is cheaper, but much less effective when applied.It is produced from the skin of cattle.This type of collagen does not penetrate into the cells.Vegetable collagen obtained from wheat protein.It is well absorbed by the skin.This collagen is expensive.The process of receiving it pretty difficult and costly.

Verified that the marine collagen is the most effective.It is best absorbed and most other species is similar to the structure of human skin.The process of its preparation is complicated.It is obtained from fish skin.This type of collagen triple helix has a formula which necessarily must be preserved for the effectiveness of its action.Marine collagen provides a truly rejuvenating effect.The complexity of the production and packaging of this type of collagen is associated with the fact that it is necessary to withstand the harsh demands.Cosmetics with this type of collagen necessarily produced with dispenser.In the production of Take special measures to meet the increased sterility, is unacceptable even the slightest penetration of bacteria, it is necessary to comply with temperature regimes, as well as other requirements.

Also note that the use of collagen in addition to anti-aging skin, especially sea is very effective for burns, inflammatory processes in joints, psoriasis, arthritis, in the treatment of stomatitis, paradantoza, herpes, and other diseases.That is, collagen, with its high content in the product has a reducing ability.It is well absorbed by the skin.Collagen can reduce dark spots, freckles and so on.Collagen is a multi-faceted structure remarkably absorbed by the cells, gives skin elasticity, youth and freshness.

addition, collagen is very useful for people who are seriously decided to lose weight.Cosmetic collagen struggling with sagging skin, stretch marks, strengthens hair and nails.Action collagen is especially manifest on the skin that are most susceptible to the aging process.Thus, the quality of collagen, a necessary means for the care of your skin, its effectiveness is verified by many years of practical use around the world.