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there are women for whom such a term as "all necessary" can have surround sense.Maybe that's why some of them are able to carry in your purse literally all available collection of cosmetics.Sometimes, more than half of all full it is useful not very often.Paths in this situation two: either to have available the bag does not quite small in size, or to understand what needs to be present in the purse, and it would be better to throw.

Restrictions. Beautician every convenient moment should be easy to get into any evening clutch.Not all women are aware of the fact that the evening accessory is designed for the normal and limited pieces of things.Even so it is not clear that then must be present therein.For every girl's makeup kit required can always be different.This can be even so to highlight some basic tools without which you can not do nothing, just to correct the makeup necessary moment.

masking agent. First you need to specify some means of disguising.Or correction, as it is commonly called, conc

ealer is needed in order to disguise the existing small blemishes.Likely to mask the visible under-eye circles or scars, or the defects of acne.This tool can help, though not entirely certain shade defect, replace it in the background.Also it can not serve as a basis for very bad makeup.Although it is not to be confused with a certain tone corrector foundation.The base is designed to transform the tone of your skin, you should not write off its accounts.

his options. It is likely the heavy cream, and not much is not heavy, as is required for zashtrihovki problem areas.It exists in liquid form, which is good can come dry skin, as creamy or as hard, resembling a pencil.Note that a liquid concealer is transparent solid.But they both can be found in cosmetics, in particular pencil - for hatching circles under the eyes, and not with concealer - Non fatty parts of your skin.It is a convenient option.

bright look. Almost any loving lady herself knows that a nice effect eye can have a small value.Variants it may not be dramatic in the morning, or simply by natural or not in the evening.Yet in the course of the day it may be necessary to correct or to brush up tormented day look.So that the second list of items become shadows.Often they try to put on the mobile eyelid, often to the eyebrows.They are designed to transform the eye, to give them an excellent expression.Shadows can be quite different, for example, produce shadows in pencil, which can be imposed by the form liner.These shadows will be convenient, appropriate for the daily need.

options and shades.More shadows produce liquid or crumbly or the compact.Most popular for a smoother transition into the shadows like pencil or liquid and friable.Shadows of the remaining colors, often highlighting the hair color chosen for daytime makeup.And the shades chosen to disgusted, also can be called natural.Although everything will depend on the density of either, or the brightness of the shadows.For day trips are not generally choose bright or colorful palette of shades of shadows.

Favorite powder. himself makeup, no matter what it is, it should prevail in natural form and not have the effect of a mask.Powder can be a key criterion that may help to have the desired result.Powdered feature may be that she herself and was produced invisible, can create a beautiful natural look.It is always applied to the entire face and neck, but a thin layer.Its composition is good at hiding borders and can not create intermittent coating distributes the sebaceous glands, as well as strokes shine.Powder is often produced in two versions - a crumbly or compact.The second option for a couple with pongee increasingly found in the bag, the name of which the daily cosmetic day.Besides uncomfortable brush, which can take quite a few places, it was quite difficult to find room.

Long eyelashes. Beautiful eyelashes are a desire of almost all fashionistas, although there who prefer to show greater visibility overhead.Yet most of the ladies, for the magical effect, become mascara.It can be produced in various forms - in black and brown, and green.The very ink may also differ in their characteristics.Maybe lengthen the lashes, or else give volume, although there are those that combine both functions.Fashionable woman with no dark hair with pale skin is better to buy mascara does not throw, brown shades and fashionable woman with dark hair is desirable to choose a dark mascara to her lashes.

Lipstick and gloss. Almost any fashionista puts on their lips or lipstick or gloss.They may be the final stage of the whole make-up as a whole, there are cases where the emphasis will need to be done only on the lips.In the course of the day lipstick can quickly fade, t. E. It will have to re lipstick.In particular, and it is most often applied to the repeated emphasis on the lips during the day.Probably so, and it has become the most desired object in the women's accessories.There are girls who are also in addition to a lipstick or gloss and balm.They are well-used, along with others.And lipstick and gloss has many shades.For help in choosing the right one, you can suggest the following:

1. fashionable woman with dark skin may look better almost all shades.Although you can select and red, and plum, and orange and pastel shades.

2. fashionable woman with normal skin tone well suited as red and brown.

3. fashionable woman with pale skin would be better to try coloring cloves or natural beige, or the coral.

But it is better to take into account all the factors involved and with a style and choose the clothes and other things.Then you can get a beautiful, unique image.

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