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Types and methods of fashion nail polish

Let's start the story with mill "dry" method of manicure.It is often called preparatnym and this is due to the fact that this does not imply the use of manicure scissors and forceps variety.There is no need to immerse your hands for half an hour into the liquid to soften the rough cuticles, because there are special funds.Most often, they are composed of fruit acids, which yields a double effect when applied to the cuticle.In other words, the cuticle is softened and can be safely removed.In this case, the skin of the cuticle can be divided into soft and coarser.First when applying means coming off itself and does not require removal, and the second removed specialized pumice stone or a stick.

As for the benefits of the "dry" type of edging manicure, then a lot of them.There is categorically ruled out the possibility of injury to hands tools, meaning you not pick up any infection.In addition, the procedure is, as we mentioned, does not give you pain.There is only one significant drawback: to apply this

kind of manicure can only be achieved if the hand is not too run.In the other version, this technique simply does not give a result.In the event that there are small burrs, but the entire cuticle and not quite rough, you can combine "dry" edging manicure with deburring using forceps or scissors.
What else can you say about a manicure?There is another advantage and it is it that by soaking the nail surface is leveled due to moisture absorption, but upon drying becomes old layered form.This leads to the fact that the paint can not lie on nails evenly and lasts only a short period of time."Dry" Manicure and this does not allow the varnish keeps much longer.Of course, with "wet" manicure can eliminate this disadvantage by the use of special equipment that are suitable for use on artificial nails.
look now at our classification and pay special attention to the concept of "wet" manicure.Such a procedure name implies finding hands in warm water, and then is cut off using cuticle scissors or forceps.The advantages of "wet" manicure include effective softening cuticles and the possibility of using even the most neglected hands.This manicure has many varieties and the first of them is called the hot manicure.
Hot manicure is based on placing the hands not just water, but a heated lotion.As part of the funds should be peach and olive oil as well as vitamins A and E, ceramides, lanolin and a variety of mineral supplements.Such complex compounds significantly soften cuticles and accelerate the growth of nails, making them healthy.Immediately you can see that this method of manicure much more effective than soaking the hands in water.As for the preparation of lotion to use, it should be poured into a specific device, maintain a constant temperature of about fifty degrees.Next, about ten minutes in the lotion omitted hands.This lotion can be used for massage.Especially effective is to himself a manicure.
The positive qualities of hot manicure include its ability to treat brittle nails.If you want to achieve a significant effect, the procedure should be carried out regularly.
We move on and now look manicure using pumice.This method of performing a manicure is ideal for those who are allergic to a substance used to dry nail polish, and does not wish to perform cut.The essence of such a reception that forceps and scissors replaced by a bar of pumice.The structure of the final compound often include hydroxy - aluminum and porcelain.Pumice is good because it effectively removes rough dry your hands without causing pain.
considering the banal kinds of nail care and hand skin, I want to say that there are many other procedures.For example, this kind of fashionable nail as French.It looks very feminine and elegant at the same time being very modest.This manicure is perfect for every outfit, and the emphasis is on the tip of the nail with a short length.There
and practice the procedures SPA.They include four steps, namely, cuticle treatment, superficial peeling, then deep peeling and hand massage.The last stage involves the enrichment of hand skin ceramides, gives it elasticity.Such a procedure is relaxing and makes you forget about all your problems.
By the way, a manicure can not only be female.Why do not we mention the male manicure ?!In today's world it has become the norm man with neat nails, and it is quite understandable, because the well-groomed hands make males more presentable.The essence of the male manicure is mostly in the hygienic cleaning and polishing nails.This procedure removes a variety of scratches, smoothes out irregularities on the surface of the nail and gives hands a neat appearance.Shape the nail with this manicure is not selected in the catalog, and is performed in accordance with the form of the fingertip.Otherwise, the man looks at risk, at least, strange.Visitors can cover the nails clear varnish layer that helps protect the surface of the nail to establish and maintain a well-groomed appearance for a long time.
Not many people know that there is a French manicure for men.It is similar to the female, but the nail of boys is much shorter.In addition, a manicure can hide dirt, which tend to accumulate under the nails of men.
Currently gaining increasing popularity of fashionable children's manicure.He not only brings an aesthetic function, but I borets such a bad habit like nail nibble children.The particular effectiveness of this manicure identified for children under ten years.
holiday gift for girls can be a fun children's manicure with nail - art.This will attract the attention of not only her, but also the attention of friends.It is unlikely that the child will want to chew on this beauty!Children's manicure begin at the moment of a special spray treatment arms - an antiseptic.Next opilivaem nails and polishes the edges and otpolirovyvayutsya.Then, remove burrs cutters, and large areas of cuticle cream or balm to moisturize.You can complete this procedure a special massage or varnishing the consent of parents.
Choosing a way to create a new image, remember that the hand - this is our second person.In that case, if we do not take care of them, we are unlikely to succeed in today's society.

Be beautiful, it's so simple and nice!