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French manicure, a method of performing

Currently, there are many types of manicure, one of the most popular among them - French manicure.A method for performing this manicure is quite simple, but it requires great accuracy and some skill.

interesting to know that this kind of manicure first appeared in 1976, when one of the filmmakers asked the director of the company to come up with a manicure kind of manicure that would fit to any dress actress.Thus was born the famous French (French) nail polish, which makes it appear natural and healthy nail and emits bright white nail edge.Style French manicure usually implies a natural shape of the nail, a moderate length and shape "blades."The modern way to allow the French manicure nail instead of white rims - golden, silver, which looks very original and unusual.

Before you proceed to the application of any type of manicure, you need to take care of the health of the hands and nails.It is useful to make therapeutic relaxing bath.This procedure takes you no more than ten minutes: a liter of water d

issolve 1 hour.l.sea ​​salt, dip hands in the bath for 5-7 minutes.After the bath dry your hands with a soft towel and apply a moisturizer.

Thus, French (French) manicure: a method of performing.

To get started is to form the shape of each claw.To do this, carefully sawdust and sand them.Asymmetry in the French manicure is not acceptable.Push the cuticles with a wooden stick or gel, apply it to soften and remove cuticles.If the cuticle is callous, rasparte hands in the bath and moisturize the cuticles with a special cream.

Cover the nail plate foundation for manicure and then a translucent beige or pink varnish.

Apply a protruding part of the nail white, gold or silver paint from the edge of the nail to the middle.

If you are unable to hold a straight line the eyes with white paint on the edge of the nail, use the devices for the French manicure: a white pencil and special strips.Pencil highlight the protruding part of the nail, draw a line on his back, stick strips on the nail and apply lacquer for the rest of the nail.

Allow varnish to dry and apply the nail fixer.

addition to the French method for performing a manicure, you can remember for myself some more interesting and simple ways by which you will always be on top.

American manicure.

For starters, soften and move to the edge of the nail cuticle.Then give to nails shape and cover it with varnish.American manicure involves long nails and rounded shape of the nail plate.Color nail polish US should be bright, defiant, even poisonous.The author of this method can be called a manicure Max Factor.Then there was a rule to combine fashionable color nail with the color of lipstick.

Spanish manicure.

main method in the Spanish manicure - get rich, deep color varnish.To do this you need to put the nail in the first framework for manicure, then a layer of lacquer one of the following colors: pink, milk, beige, off-white, pastel.This layer, as it is drying, a coat of lacquer bright.The last layer of the Spanish manicure - fixing, adding shine.

Manicure Beverly Hills.

This is another way manicure.It is very similar to the French manicure.You can call this method manicure one of kinds of traditional classic French manicure.This method gives a manicure chic and shine to the French method of applying varnish.It also uses a manicure in his pastel technique, natural tone of the coating.Its main difference from the technique applying the French manicure - there should be a sharp contrast between the main part of the nail and serving.