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Planting and growing daffodils

Planting daffodils

Narcissus - bulbous perennial plant, which has a growing period and during flowering, fruiting, usually in the spring and summer (the first half of the summer).Structure and development of narcissus bulbs harder than the tulip, is explained by the fact that long-term narcissus bulb.The bulbs of narcissus are constant different processes: accumulation of scales, dying old scales, formation of a new scale.

thus develop kidney renewal each year are deposited on the bulb (or more precisely on the upper portion of the stems) and lead to a shift scales to the periphery.We are stocking up narcissus scales (from 9 to 17 pieces) that live up to four years, during this time the bulb increases in size.After the outer scales gradually die and become protective shell.

the growing season is possible thanks to the children, who appear in the axils of onion scales, which are released as the withering away and begin to develop as independent plants.The children are separated from the mother bulb

at least 2 years, it happens in the sinuses, where they are located, and only after the death of scales.Kidney renewal is fully formed 2 years (counted from Bookmarks to flowering).Terms of cultivation of this plant flowering and determines the number of output copies - their quality and quantity.

young onion, which was formed from the children, their highest multiplication factor reaches the third year.So if you have planted daffodils, they will be digging in just three years.

Cutting of daffodils will not affect the quantity and quality because no flower stalk leaf.Roots reach a length of up to 30 centimeters.The length of root growth lasts up to 11 months.The roots grow rapidly in the autumn, partly in spring, slightly in winter.

Growing daffodils

If daffodils will be grown in open ground, it is best to plant them in the sun, but in partial shade, too, can achieve good growth, for example, near the bushes and trees, as well as in home gardens, which are protected from strong winds.

suitable substrate for daffodils: compost soil or decomposed humus (per square meter of 8-10 kilograms).Repeated digging daffodil require any phosphorus fertilizer - superphosphate (12m to 60 grams).Fertilizing is done with mineral fertilizers several times per season.

early spring until the snow has not gone completely, fertilizing complete mineral fertilizer is carried out (NPK) per meter squared of 80-120 grams (the rate of 2: 2: 1).The second top dressing is carried out during budding same fertilizer and of the same calculation.A third top dressing is carried out during flowering, per square meter to 35 grams (in the ratio 1: 1).

Any cultivated soil for a good development of the rose.If you plan to grow daffodils in clay soils, it is necessary to add sand and peat, if you plan on light soils, then entered humus and sod land, but if in acidic soils, the lime needed it.

full force of young onion plants gaining the 3rd year, then the power is gradually waning, while the quality of flowering is reduced in order to avoid this, it is advisable from time to time daffodils seat (in a few years once)

3 years after landingbulbs can be dug out of the ground.During the summer, daffodils begin to die, it appears that the leaves fall to the ground.At this time, the bulbs are dried and again planted in the ground in the fall (or at the end of the summer).

If kids from the parent bulb is not split off on their own, they should be cut off with a small slice of the total stems.

bulbs before planting two weeks stored in a dark dry place at a temperature of 25 degrees, then they can be stored at 18 ° C.So you get a lot more planting material, because it has educated young daughter bulbs next to the old bulbs.

not advisable to use the manure when planting, use only humus.Term planting daffodils will depend on the type and conditions.For example, in the north of daffodils planted in mid-August.However, it is not advisable to plant daffodils in the later stages, because the low temperature prevents the bulbs are well rooted, and this in turn leads to a reduction in flowering and even to freezing plants.

If daffodils on open ground planted in early September, you will receive an early flowering.Flowering lasts an average of two weeks, if the plant is planted in the optimum time.But if the plant is planted in early, the bloom lasts up to one month.

bulbs are planted in furrows in the beds at a distance of 10-25 cm from each other.The depth of the grooves will depend upon the size of the bulb.For example, if the diameter of the bulb is about 1 cm, then it is poured to a depth of 8-10 cm, and if the diameter of the bulb is greater than 3 cm, to a depth of 20 cm. Plants need abundant irrigation.After a bit of land podmerznet, necessary to mulch humus.

summer daffodil can be planted as soon as the Division nest, because the roots of the old bulbs will be lost after the development of new roots.Therefore there is no need to dig up the bulbs daffodil every year.

If the bulbs for whatever reasons, were dug up and kept in unnatural conditions, the plant fails biological rhythm, the roots begin to die, and this may affect the flowering next year.

Another thing, if the bulb carefully and immediately dug planted in another place.In this case, the roots slightly damaged, and the plant has time to root well before the onset of cold weather, with great blooms in the spring.


Working with narcissus bulb, you should use gloves because the bulb contains poisonous substances.

Possible difficulties

Planting and growing flowers such as daffodils, can have its difficulties.For example:

  • defeat bulbs fungal diseases - gray mold and fusarium.
  • Leaves damaged by burns, and white mold.
  • In addition, the plant can hurt mosaic virus.
  • damages: the onion and stem nematodes and other pests onion.