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Interior Country Kitchen

Kitchen furniture in country style

to create an interior kitchen country must take into account the fact that all must comply with the naturalness and genuineness.This interior combines natural shades, comfort and convenience, elegance and simplicity.Kitchen in the style of the country should be made in moderate and warm natural colors.A good choice - Freestanding kitchen furniture, which because of its diversity and the design is very ergonomically equip the space.Facade surface - glossy, matt or slightly rough (antique).These surfaces are perfectly show the natural wood structure is very well emphasizes the natural style.Complement and decorate the kitchen design in this style will help bamboo or wooden furniture, rattan and wicker furniture, a variety of cabinet doors, shelves of unusual shape.Kitchen furniture-country can be colored, and green or olive color, it will look natural and fresh.Shades of beige kitchen will give light and comfort.Not bad diversify interior of a kitchen door with glass

.In such sideboards or cabinets can put an old set, porcelain, collector dishes.

Interior country carries a complement and continuation ekostilya.There should not be afraid of experiments, make furniture of unusual, stylish.Decorate it with special stencils for decoration.Use pictures with floral or ethical bias.The kitchen is furnished with a cozy atmosphere will emit a home and peace.

decor kitchen in country style

walls in the style of country music can be painted or papered.A great option - bamboo wallpaper, wallpaper with a floral pattern.On the floor you can lay flooring or linoleum (wood mosaic).The kitchen can be decorated with the help of small decorative elements: lamps, a clock, lamps, Table Shelf, weaving vines.

In Rural simple kitchen utensils - it is what we need.Utensils made of ceramic, wood, clay, tin cans for spices and cereals, iron pans, kettle, decorated "doll" - the main attributes that highlight the country style kitchen.

Do not forget about the original light.For example, a chandelier in the form of a keg, antique chandelier in the form of candlesticks that will complement the country style kitchen and emphasize the old days.

best one will be textiles.Curtains made of natural fabrics (cotton, linen, burlap, cotton).Their design can be different: the Japanese, Australian, French, curtains with lambrequins.On the tablecloth should be ruches or fringe, but potholders, towels with embroidered napkins to help successfully complete and make a complete and organic style of the country.

Home Appliances country style

Strange as it may sound, but even the most unusual and modern appliances for a kitchen perfectly fit into the style.Not a bad option - Built-in appliances (oven, refrigerator, hob, dishwasher).Such appliances can be perfectly successfully hide behind cabinet doors or under the sink that will not violate the integrity of the interior.

Plus, there are plenty of options for home appliances, which is good to imitate their predecessors.For example, instead of the set of electronic timers, mechanical, massive surface of the gas cookers that resemble a real oven, hood with wooden décor.A huge number of variations, the main thing to opt for that will give you comfort and convenience in cooking.