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Banana-corn soup

  • beef - 220 grams
  • Adobo seasoning - - To taste
  • olive oil - 1 tbsp.Spoon
  • beef broth - 2 1/2 cups
  • water - 2 cups
  • yellow onion - 1/2 Pieces
  • green pepper - 1/2 Pieces
  • leaf coriander - 4 pieces
  • stem cilantro - 3 pieces
  • corncob - 1 Each
  • salt - - To taste
  • Bananas: Green bananas - 2 pieces
  • Parmesan cheese - 1/3 cup

1. Chop the onion and bell pepper cubes.Ear of corn cut into 4 pieces.Cut the beef into cubes of about 2.5 cm. Season with Adobo beef seasoning, pour the olive oil and fry in a large saucepan until brown over medium heat.2. Add all remaining ingredients to the broth and bring to boil.Reduce the heat and cover with a lid and cook for 1 hour.Remove the leaves and stem of cilantro, when the broth is ready.3. Peel and cut the bananas into slices.Grate the cheese.Soak the sliced ​​bananas in salted water for 15 minutes.4. Heat the frying pan in enough oil to coat the bananas, drain the water from the bananas and fry them in a pan until golden brown

.5. Drain on a paper towel, put in a bowl and knead until the consistency of mashed mortar and pestle, or press for potatoes.Using a special scoop, form 6 balls banana.6. Add the remaining mashed banana and 1 cup of the broth in a food processor and mix until smooth, add the mixture to the soup.7. Add the banana balls in the soup, bring to a boil, reduce heat, cover and cook for 10 minutes.8. Stir soup with Parmesan cheese until it melts, and serve immediately.

Servings: 2

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