Ingredients // Berries

Strawberry cocktail with chocolate

  • Strawberry - 3.5 Glass
  • Vanilla ice cream cup - 2 pieces (100 ml)
  • butter - 70 grams (glaze)
  • Milk chocolate - 100 grams (glaze)
  • Cocoa powder - 1/4 cup (glaze)

1. Prepare the ingredients.Strawberries have to go through, remove the tails and rinse under cold running water.In a blender put all the strawberries and ice cream two cups.2. Scroll through the entire mass in a blender until smooth state.Without milk shake I turned thick.If you like a thinner consistency, add a little milk.Beat until foamy.3. The cocktail is ready.It remains to prepare chocolate glaze.To do this, melt the butter.Chocolate mangled to pieces or chop with a knife, so he quickly melted.Place the chocolate chips in the oil and wait until the chocolate is completely melted.If this does not happen again put weight in the microwave for a few seconds.Add the icing cocoa and mix well the whole mixture.Pour into cocktail glasses specially prepared and abundantly pour chocolate glaze.Garnish with a st

rawberry cocktail berry is a miracle and put on trial.I assure you, your family and friends will be delighted with your skill.

Servings: 3-4