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Condition after removal of the ovaries

Typically, hormones are beneficial effect on the body, they okazyvayutzaschitnoe and stimulating effect on many systems and organs, for example, nakozhu, breast, bone, in the cardiovascular system.Mozhnoskazat that the entire female body depends on hormones.There is nothing strange misrepresented that occurs after removal of the ovaries decline in sex hormones irabota whole organism immediately change.After the operation the woman nachinaetrazvivatsya so-called post-castration syndrome, which means that obscheesamochuvstvie deteriorate, the skin loses its former elasticity, notonly many diseases begin to appear, but also the progress.This state otdalennonapominaet normal premature aging.

Doctors, of course, realize how important hormones for women and poetomuudalenie ovary - is the last stage of the so-called treatment (oophorectomy).However, in life mozhetbyt anything, so there are times when the ovaries need to Delete- leave them very dangerous, it often happens when onkologicheskihzabolevaniyah.D

eletions can not be avoided, because the hormones can stimulate tumor growth.Very chastosluchaetsya when one ovary was removed and there is already need chtobyudalili second.As a rule, each patient one hurts the most important question-will she feel like a woman and feel then?

Of course, yes!This is not even a doubt.Even in the womb nachinayutformirovatsya all the signs of a woman's body, and when she grows iprozhivaet adolescence when puberty occurs.Obratitetot process can not, therefore, a woman from the earliest days to the end will svoeyzhizni woman, even though the absence or presence of otdelnyhorganov.However, after the ovariectomy the fair polastalkivayutsya other problems.

If the ovaries are removed older women, which, as they say, is a life lived and seen a lot in his lifetime (ovaries are almost so do not work), in which case there is nothing tragic.However, the fact is chtov recent years gynecologists faced with the necessity of ovariectomy in young patients.Of course, after the operation molodoydevushki body is changing, and these changes are similar to those that occur uzhenschin, preserved ovaries at the age of 50-55 years.This is when reproduktivnayasistema already fulfilled their, and "retired" - came the climax.

often have two weeks to three beginning to show the first symptoms, Augé month or two or three, they nabirayutpolnuyu force.First, in the first 1-2 years after surgery most sluchaetsyaproblema violation of vascular tone, they can be seen by such displays:

  • chills;
  • headaches;
  • heartbeats;
  • hot flashes;
  • fluctuations in blood pressure;
  • excessive sweating.

In the area of ​​mental and emotional state of the women also proiskhodyatizmeneniya.These include:

  • decreased sex drive;
  • weakness;
  • depression;
  • anxiety and irritability;
  • inattention and forgetfulness;
  • drowsiness and insomnia.

Later, these symptoms may be lost, or simply reduced, however, ksozhaleniyu, this does not end the suffering of women, because some simptomymenyayutsya other.And they are already associated with metabolic disorders.All problemav that unprotected vessels that provide estrogen poetomunachinayut quickly appear atherosclerotic plaques.Because of this, it can start razvivatsyaateroskleroz that call narusheniekrovoobrascheniya brain, problems with blood vessels of legs and coronary heart disease before menopause women serdtsa.Estrogeny protect the woman's body, so do not get sick oniprakticheski atherosclerosis when the same man's already davnostradayut this disease.Only after menopause a woman loses the right urovnyaestrogenov and catching up on your state of man.The same thing happens with gipertonicheskoyboleznyu.Women who have their ovaries removed, have a greater risk zabolevaniyaserdechno circulatory system.

bone health also depends on hormones.Because zaeto women deprived of their ovaries, after a while may face sosteoporozom.Bones are not such krepkie.Osobenno women are hip fractures, and they are izvestnotrudnoizlechimy because the patient for a long time is stationary, aeto can lead to disastrous consequences.

Most hormone dependent genitals.For this reason chastoposle ovariectomy appear:

  • frequent urination;
  • vaginal dryness;
  • burning and itching in the genital area;
  • pain during intimacy.

Due to the fact that women lack the hormones often suffer hair and nails ikozha.Too tragic this situation?Not at all!It is worth mentioning that the adrenal glands also produce some of the estrogen.Therefore, some women do not stalkivayutsyani with what consequences after operatsii.Bolee addition, the modern woman at the disposal of technology kotoryemogut help adapt.If hormone therapy is contraindicated patsientkene, then it is prescribed progestins iestrogeny that make up for the shortage of its own hormones.Such drugs are advised to take all zhizn.Otlichny result gives hormone replacement therapy (HRT), which daritzhenschine lasting feeling of health.

But if the operation was carried out because of the cancer, togdagormony in this case is not necessary naznachayutsya.Zdes not as effective, but also a good homeopathy.Well help homeopathic remedies priemotsionalnyh and vascular reactions.Onisposobny help women improve their adaptive capabilities in stressovyhsituatsiya, moreover, after they netnikakih side effects.Dlyaprofilaktiki osteoporosis need to use a calcium-containing and fluorine-containing drugs.

However, some drugs can not do.Every woman has faced takoysituatsiey should treat with understanding the changes that occur BEE body.He must lead an active lifestyle, take care of yourself, borotsyas depression and sports.

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