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Hydrotherapy to improve circulation

Thousands lyudeypriezzhali to a small town where he lived Priessnitz, to udostoveritsyav benefits of hydrotherapy, and among them there are some ardent defenders etogometoda treatment, for example, Professor William Winternitz (1835-1917).He stalpervym who started a course of hydrotherapy universiteteVeny in 1892.

But tolkoblagodarya efforts of Sebastian Kneipp (1821-1897) hydrotherapy vremyayavlyaetsya now known worldwide treatment.Kneipp painful childhood was very interested in the discoveries of Priessnitz, he began to take cold baths (despite the fact that the low temperatures of winter more than the German suggest intoxicating liqueur).In our own experience Kneipp convinced that etoukreplyayusche effect on the body, and the small town of Bad Herrenhalbprevratilsya in the most famous in the world of hydrotherapy center.He still ostaetsyamestom where thousands of people gain health.

Effect of hydrotherapy on the circulatory system

  • Gidroterapiyaosnovana on the actions of hot and cold water
    on the body.The thermal effect, which produces water on various parts of the body, is obvious, especially in otnosheniisistemy circulation.
  • Any stimulation of the skin causes a reaktsiyuv shallow vessels and as a reflex action on the deeper urovnyahnashego body.
  • Under the influence of cold water vessels suzhayutsya.A their subsequent expansion is much more effective than if byeto achieved by using hot water.
Besides thermal stimulation gidroterapiyaobespechivaet:
  • mechanical stimulation: water jet includes a pressure produces massage activates blood circulation.
  • stimulation hydrostatic pressure: pripogruzhenii feet in the water pressure it facilitates the return of venous blood from the legs to the serdtsu.Vynimat water should gradually, especially if they were in neynekotoroe time as the change in pressure can cause that vnezapnoumenshitsya blood flow to the brain, causingdizziness.

hydrotherapy techniques

you mozheteispolzovat cold bath to stimulate blood circulation and ustraneniyasleduyuschih symptoms: heaviness, swelling and a burning sensation in the legs.There neskolkometodov hydrotherapy:

  • washing lower body: swipe kozheot feet to thighs soaked in cold water, and then pressed a towel.
  • Wrap feet: soak in cold vodepolotentsa from different tissues (such as cotton, linen, wool) and wrap iminogi.Thus, they will absorb the heat down and give you quick relief.
  • cold foot bath: hold the legs 20 sekundv cold water (15-18 degrees).The body should be covered with anything, when vybudete immerse feet in the water.
  • Bath with variable temperatures: poocherednoderzhite feet in cold (15-18 degrees) and hot (38-42 degrees) vode.Vazhno to the hot water temperature has not been above this figure, inachevy can get burned.
  • Trampling in water: soak your feet in a basin of water skholodnoy.While standing, raise one leg and then lower it into the basin.Zatemprodelayte the same with the other leg.The effect will be much more pronounced if you dissolve in water effervescent tablets or large sea salt.You are very bystropochuvstvuete relief.

Tips for hydrotherapy

  • Never use cold water if vysilno frozen.
  • When finished stimulation with cold water, a towel, and gird bystroobotrites.Choose clothes made of natural fabrics.
  • Always hydrotherapy to priemapischi.
  • If you dizzy or poyaviloskakoe any unpleasant sensation, immediately interrupt the water treatments.
  • If you have high blood pressure or suffer from cardiovascular diseases, before the start seansygidroterapii, consult your doctor.