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The use of bitter orange

scientific name of the fruit sounds like - Citrus Aurantium.In another way, it is also nazyvayutpomerantsem.

initially bitter apelsinros in tropical Asia and VostochnoyAfrike, but now most of it is grown in the Mediterranean region.Estpolozheniya who say that in the 9th century it began to grow rasteniearaby.Even 500 years ago, around the globe this was the only frukttsitrusovyh, indeed?he was the first fruit that appeared in America.

How and where primenyaetsyagorky orange

Bitter orange is used in cooking for Improved taste of food and varomaterapii.From this fruit make liqueurs and marmalade.Dried fruit peel and make neepripravy.Bitter orange okazyvayutzhelchegonnoe, sedative and antispasmodic action.He is considered very horoshimantibakterialnym, sleeping pills, anti-inflammatory, tonic iprotivogribkovym means more excellent vascular stimulant.

In Latin America listyarasteniya widely used to produce a laxative and tonic.

Homeopaths use flowers and peel gorkogoapelsina to treat const

ipation, high blood pressure and headaches.

plant good fights fungal infections such as ringworm and mikoz.No in studies in Egiptevyyasnilos that although bitter orange and helps get rid otdermatologicheskih diseases, it can also be a cause vozniknoveniyarazdrazheniya skin.

Mnogiespetsialisty say that bitter orange is actively fighting obesity -szhigaet fat.

Emotional action

aroma of bitter orange is a good tool, kotoroeboretsya depression, helps get rid of apathy and hopelessness, stimuliruettelo helps restore and feel the taste of life, refreshing perception.

Zapahetogo plants - a balm for the soul and "bruised, broken," the heart, which helps to quickly recover from the trouble, problems udarovsudby and clash with the world of evil and vile people.The scent of orange helps to protect the psyche otrazrushitelnogo impact.Spa iingalyatsii with oil orange will eliminate sostoyaniepodavlennosti, chronic fatigue and constant lack of sleep.Blagodaryaapelsinovomu flavor biorhythms of sleep improved, nightmares disappear rastvoryayutsyai fears in children.Gorkiyapelsin evokes hedonism and intuition, increases the potency, warms iustranyaet sexual and emotional rigidity.The bioenergy bitter bitter orange yavlyaetsyasimvolom fame, leadership, energy, generosity and desire upward.

Cosmetic action

Bitter orange kosmeticheskoypromyshlennosti actively used in the manufacture of deodorants, lotions, creams idobavok hygienic bath.Widely ispolzuetsyapomeranets and in perfumes, where it serves as the basis odekolonovi gourmet flavored spirits, also referred to as his "sense" of the mixture.

Maslogorkogo orange in the cosmetic industry it is used for the care of the drought, sluggish and damaged skin to rejuvenate, to remove klimaticheskihdermatitov.In addition, bitter orange restores elasticity, tone and skin turgor, eliminates acne, blackheads, reduce pores.

Balzamyi shampoos, which include the oil of bitter orange have a good effektvolosam: remove dandruff, protect against loss, loss of luster and elasticity, as well as perfectly restored hair after a rough manipulation (termicheskieukladki, painting, wave, sunlight).

Kosmeticheskiesredstva and orange bath deodorize the skin, eliminate priznakigipergidroza help in the fight against tsellyulitom.Mozhno regularly take a bath with orange butter and make wraps.

Curative effect

This plant stimulates the synthesis of vitamin D and melanin eliminates defitsitsolnechnogo light affects the unit cell mitochondria, ustranyaetgipovitaminozy and anemia, normalizes metabolism and strengthens the immune system.

Gorkiyapelsin effective in chronic and smoldering inflammation vkachestve accompanying therapy, which reduces the negative posledstviyaposle medication and antibiotics.It increases the strength of ielastichnost connective tissue, rejuvenates and eliminates simptomyateroskleroza.If you regularly prodelyvatpomerantsevye grindings, lotions and compresses, then you can get rid otproblem with joints (arthrosis, arthritis), trauma (wounds, sprains, bruises).

sick, this fruit has a cleansing, Detoxication action and stimuliruetregeneratsiyu.Orange oil has drainage properties, which are a most valuable in the control of metabolism, kidney and liver predisposition kobrazovaniyu stones.Maslopomerantsa has lymphatic drainage, choleretic and diuretic effect.Is ill, it is a delicate antispasmodic.If you apply it regularly, togdamozhno forget about chronic diseases such as migraine, paroxysmal convulsive muscle activity, hypertension and chastyegolovnye pain.

Nesetotharkivayuschee, stimulating, anti-inflammatory, diaphoretic, deodorant, anti-toxic, choleretic, healing, anti-sclerotic, carminative, stimulant, antibacterial, tonic, antiseptic, analgesic, antispasmodic, anti-depressant and anti-rheumatic effect.

Erotic application
As mentioned earlier, bitter orange has osvezhayuschiyzapah, and it is used to flavor the premises.However, the most glavnoeego advantage is that it only works on a unique psihoemotsionalnoenastroenie person, especially women.Therefore, such aromatyispolzuyut in an intimate setting.

Another application

Gorky apelsinispolzuyut to create a gastric, laxatives and antigas lekarstvennyhpreparatov.It is also used as a perfume in manufacturing preparations, in atakzhe perfumes and cosmetics.Widely used it in pischevoypromyshlennosti in the production of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages.Because orange is produced naturally, prirodnyylimonen.

Limonyi oranges reduce clotting of blood, strengthen the heart muscle and takzhepolezny in fighting dyspepsia, bleeding, heartburn, palpitations serdtsebieniemi jaundice.

Eslisravnivat oil of bitter and sweet orange, we can say they are only chtorazlichayutsya percentage of the components, but the smell gorkogoapelsina more precise and refined.

Side effects and contraindications

There are cases when the were side effects after treatment gorkimapelsinom.As part of the fetus, there are some chemicals, so here onimogut cause the heart rate, increase blood pressure, which WSS turn can lead to heart disease.For this reason, before using orange vlechebnyh to consult a doctor.

Bitter orange can be eaten, but in small quantities.And it is worth remembering that you can not combine it Bleed, a part of which may be caffeine and caffeine because mozhetuchastitsya heart rate and blood pressure rise.

bitter orange is contraindicated for pregnant women, nursing mothers, lyudyamkotorye suffer from migraine, glaucoma, high blood pressure, uchaschennymserdtsebieniem.

Remember that there are a variety of foods and plants that sposobnyuluchshit general condition of the person, but they must be used with osoboyostorozhnostyu and best of all under medical supervision.

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