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Meteozavisimost - depending on the weather

What metiazavisimost?

meteodependent - it also meteosensitivity;onaotvechaet for sensitivity to fluctuations in the weather.Another name vmestometeochuvstvitelnosti acts meteopatiya.This disease occurs in sluchayahrezkih surges or increase (decrease) the pressure or tension magnitnogopolya, sometimes the humidity and so on.

body's response to changes in the weather

In the event that there have been dramatic changes in the atmosphere, organizmmozhet react ambiguously.His reaction is not always caused by ilipredskazuema.So, depending on the circumstances, the ability to work as a chelovekamozhet slump and sharply rise.Overall condition as organizmav general and mental, emotional level may also have razlichnyeposredstvennye reaction, sometimes it leads to severe and prodolzhitelnymdepressiyam or sharp and unconditional inastroeniya raise the tone.

reaction to any changes in the weather can bytobuslovlena weakening of adaptive mechanisms, the decline of the immune system, inflammation, sympt

oms of chronic diseases or the aggravation, etc.

Often weather fluctuations imeyuschieproblemy people suffer from nervous and cardiovascular system.

certain symptoms

In order to understand what is meteozavisimost, stoittochno study all manifestations of the disease symptoms.

ten main symptoms - a headache or dizziness;jumps in blood pressure;chest pain and chastoeserdtsebienie;chills or feeling of heat;shortness of breath;the maximum reduction in memory performance, attention;feelings of anxiety or anxiety;drowsiness sleeplessness;allergic reactions;inflammation and aggravation hronicheskihzabolevany;sensation aching joints and so on.


One of the most famous and popular simptomovyavlyaetsya aching pain in different parts of the head: in temples, at the nape or vsyagolova once more.Such manifestations of sensitivity can not leave hozyainana over several hours to several days.Unfortunately, migrenivoznikayut and at the slightest atmospheric changes.They also lead to skachkamdavleniya.


various stresses in conjunction with meteochuvstvitelnostyuprivodyat person to a state of constant anxiety.Even if you're tired of willows badly want to sleep, the insomnia will prevent polnotsennootdohnut.


Just like stress, insomnia can lead krasseyannomu human behavior.With a lack of vitamins, necessary atmosfernyhkolebaniyah sleep, the body is knocked out of the rut, which leads to a failure of the biological clock.


pain can occur anywhere on the body and even Vorganov.Most often affected joints, kidneys, heart, sometimes the feeling is "twisting the limbs."

Such pains are especially dangerous for those who suffer from asthma and inymihronicheskimi diseases.

Tips for getting rid of the disease

Council №1

In cases where meteosensitivity svozobnovleniem related chronic illnesses and reactions, the first thing is zanyatsyaprofilakticheskimi work to eliminate them.

Council №2

If you are in times of change in the weather are often voznikayutproblemy with vessels, take care of their health.It is necessary to train them taking a douche or conduct ongoing, but not much bolshoezakalivanie.The main thing - do no harm.


In order for dangerous days when atmospheric davleniepadaet or rises, and so does not suffer from the terrible pain and seizures nuzhnozaranee prepare.To the effect of drowsiness, confusion and mental reactions ponizheniyarabotosposobnosti not hurt you spend bolshevremeni on the street, walk, breathe fresh air.If you allow health-will run jogging, do gymnastics.

Council №4

often cause meteozavisimosti stanovitsyaponizhenie immune system.Therefore, it is this factor and may further strongly affect vospalitelnyeprotsessy and resumption of chronic diseases.It is necessary to take care of nasyscheniiorganizma nutrients and vitamins.Also do not forget about calcium andother substances.

Council №5

If you are doing everything possible to izbezhatchuvstvitelnosti weather, but to no avail - refer to specialists.Inogdasamolechenie can lead to worse consequences than ignoring the disease.


In order to protect yourself from pain and nedugovmeteochuvstvitelnosti, in the days of highest activity of meteorological izmeneniysleduyte following rules:

  • lower the moral, psychological stress;

  • physical work should be carried out not at full strength to remain the reserve force;

  • not abuse their grilled meat dishes, as well as necessary to avoid the adoption of urgent food and fatty foods;

  • is not necessary to drink alcoholic beverages or those that contain alcohol;

  • sedatives should be used only if you strongly excite the nervous system, or explicitly expressed symptoms of insomnia.

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