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Menopause and Weight

addition of weight during menopause often caused's what:

  1. Sokrascheniemmassy muscle tissue.
  2. Bystrymsnizheniem estrogen levels.
  3. Nepravilnympitaniem and way of life.
  4. Otsutstviemfizicheskih loads.

Many women start to gain weight has vpredklimakterichesky period (the period peredmenopauzoy), and this is the age of 35-55 years.Of course, kilograms scored in this period, it is very difficult to lose, but to control your weight is possible.Spetsialistydokazali that women who gain weight after menopause are at povyshennomurisku breast cancer.Studies have shown that if you are typing etogoperioda after 10 kilograms, the risk increases, and if you lose weight, it also reduces onsrazu.With pomoschyupravilnogo nutrition and sports you can control your weight and vsegdaderzhat it on the same level.

Kilograms that you dial before menopause, are distributed all over the body: arms, thighs, abdomen, buttocks and weight kotoryyvy dial during menopause, mainly accumulates in the abdomen, causing ifigura take

s the shape of an apple.If this is not followed, it may privestik cardiovascular disease.

Simptomyi menopause symptoms

  • night sweats and hot flashes;
  • sudden unexplained weight gain, especially in the abdominal part;
  • nervousness;
  • small vaginal mucosa;
  • spontaneous incomprehensible changes menstrualnogotsikla (periods may be lighter than usual, or contrary heavier), neregulyarnyemesyachnye;
  • insomnia or sleep disorder, which used to bother Vasnev:
  • depression;
  • unusual mood swings.

reasons for weight gain

menopausal weight pribavlyaetsyau women, not only because of the hormonal changes that occur in zhenskomorganizme, even if the hormones are the main reason is not entirely priyatnyhperemen in the female body, which suffers from a woman's body.Body shape changes also on protsessastareniya and the lifestyle.Here are the reasons why a woman gains weight:

  1. Overeating - you eat too many unnecessary calories that are absorbed and burned underachieving, so they have to be postponed nazhivote.
  2. Many women in this period razvivaetsyarezistentnost insulin, so the body is forced to store calories as their unprocessed.
  3. Psychological factors - chronic fatigue, constant stress, increased anxiety.Because of these factors, body functions fail, it begins to appear a constant feeling of hunger (often falsely) that yavlyaetsyaprichinoy of excess centimeters.
  4. aging - age every woman reduced muscle mass, azhirovye cell layer and, on the contrary, become more.Because of this, the calories start szhigatsyamedlennee, and that muscle mass, which was much smaller longer mozhetpererabatyvat many calories, how much could a young age.
  5. sedentary lifestyle - over the years, the body ceases to express their potrebnostv calories to produce energy.As a result of all the extra fat kaloriistanovyatsya, which eventually replaces muscle and becomes their mesto.Obmen substances becomes noticeably slower, and as a result, fat becomes skazhdym day more and more.As a rule, women in menopause periodzhizni practically involved in sports, as before, that's calorie ostayutsyana stomach.
  6. Hereditary factors also should not forget.It also plays silnuyurol menopause at the expense of weight.
  7. hormonal imbalance - hormone deficiency can also posposobstvovatnakopleniyu fat.
  8. Thyroid disease - if you upset schitovidnoyzhelezy work, the weight can be added.
  9. slow metabolism - due to the fact that there is no physical activity, and esttolko aging, menopause a woman's life pribavlyayutsyalishnie kilograms.

How to prevent weight gain

It should indicate that the weight will increase in any case, etogonevozmozhno avoided, but you can use several methods to resist pomogutetomu:

  1. Begin to move constantly, be more active.
  2. Monitor your appetite.
  3. With hormone replacement therapy, you will be able to maintain proper urovengormonov in the body that contribute to self-control over weight.
  4. Review your diet, it should be less fatty foods.Eshtemenshe animal fats, stop your choice on vegetable fats, such as olive oil, lean and peanut butter and nuts.
  5. Count your calories eaten per Sutki.v you start to grow old, as though it may sound terrible, so you need fewer calories vashemuorganizmu.Eat wisely.It is not necessary to cut their calories to a minimum is a dangerous too because it will start to be greedy and will collect them vorganizme, thereby increasing body weight.
  6. Begin to play sports.Maybe you will like aerobics, which will increase your metabolic rate by which fat will postepennoszhigatsya.Remember that physical activity is beneficial for the fact that onanaraschivaet muscle mass.
  7. Start thinking about yourself today, now!Should not delay!Any zhenschinadolzhna go on a diet and start training after thirty let.Tak you will be able to maintain your weight is normal and what's more, warn completeness.
  8. Fill in your diet more vegetables, fruits, vegetable proteins and vmestogamburgerov, pork and potatoes eat tuna, chicken breast, salmon fillet isalaty without oil.
  9. Eat more fluid, well, if it is ordinary water, refrain from carbonated drinks and drinks that contain caffeine.

Perimenopause and weight gain

Perimenopause - a time period that precedes menopauze.Imenno in this period of time a woman changes, there are changes in eeorganizme who usually say that menopause is just around the corner.This may begin at any time, you can wait for it with 35 years and 60 sick, these symptoms can last from two to six years.Such zhenschinystradayut overweight.This completeness can not be prevented even if zhenschinasidit on a strict diet.

Those methods of weight loss, you have used before, they can okazatsyaabsolyutno useless.During perimenopause most women polneetimenno in the abdomen.During perimenopause may be gormonalnyekolebaniya accumulation of fat notches and reduced levels of estrogen.

tips for women who want to be in shape after 40 years

  1. Make sure that the portions were small.
  2. Reduce intake of calories.
  3. In no case do not sit on a rigid diet.
  4. Remember that your body needs water.
  5. Avoid rapid weight loss.Since osteoporosis can happen.
  6. Begin lead an active life.