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How to get better with age?

40+ - operezhaembolezni step

In 20-30 years we took care to look good.Newly 40 years need to think not only about their appearance but also about samochuvstvii.Kak time at this age begin to show many diseases (often age), and close to menopause.A recent study by American scientists showed chtosredny age diabetes patients decreased from 52 years to 46. To snizitrisk the development of the disease rather lose a couple of kilograms.This sub siluvsem.How?It's simple.To start, make a list of foods that soderzhatprostye carbohydrates (sweets, sugar, baking and so on).Then get in etomspiske those products from which you can easily opt out and stop ihupotreblyat.Review and other diet: low fat food, type (nezhirnyemyaso, fish, cheese, dairy products).With these products you can umenshitkaloriynost your diet by 25-30%.Not need to eat twice a day, six apyat.But at the same portions should be small - on 250-350 kaloriy.Takoe food will get rid of hunger and you will begin to lose weight.

active lifestyle

The extra kilos after forty begin to appear and because zanizkoy physical activity.We sit all day at work and zatemprihodim home and sit down to watch TV.Thus, the body feels bad to spend the right amount of calories for the day.Muscles nachinayutteryat its elasticity, and simple physical exercises are for nasslozhnymi.It is therefore necessary to give physical activity your body permanently.Kakietrenirovki most suitable for this age?Those pomogutszhigat fat, but it will be safe for the spine and kolennyhsustavov.You can start with normal walk or bike.If the discomfort you feel nothing should, begin to go into the pool.If you are on dushesportzal, you should not choose training with barbells and heavy gantelyami.Luchshe use the machine - they are safer.From a safe kardiotrenazherovsamym orbitrek or ellipsoid.You can include in spisokuprazhneny and aerobic exercise, only in moderation.

not forget to do before each workout workout.Ochenvazhno good warm up joints and ligaments, to avoid injury.A akkuratnayarastyazhka after exercise will help to strengthen, restore and make them boleeelastichnymi.During a workout, drink water.It will speed up metabolism and nothing should you feel the discomfort.

To help you restrict your diet and zanimatsyasportom, set itself the goal.Find the motivation for losing weight.Ask: "How many extra kilos hinder me to be beautiful and healthy?", "When yadolzhna achieve the desired result?" And so on.These questions will help you lose weight.

50 years of life tolkonachinaetsya

85% of women across the world are celebrating the fiftieth anniversary vsamom no better shape.Why does it happen?The main reason - decreases obmenveschestv.Every ten years, it is reduced by 10%.Along with the increase and decrease obmenaveschestv extra kilos.In addition, in our body to 50 letproiskhodit hormonal changes.The ovaries gradually stop vyrabatyvatzhensky hormone estrogen, and this leads to an increase in adipose tissue.But the reason samayaglavnaya rapid weight gain - not hormonal, apsihologicheskaya.The woman has already taken place as a person, made progress, sozdalasemyu, raise children and so on.What's done is done, and his brother deductible something new has no strength.Drop overall vitality.

But the ability of our development are endless.Age - nepregrada.Even at age 50, you can achieve a lot.At this age mnogieevropeyskie women become real.They already have everything, and poetomuu them a lot of time appeared to himself: they travel zanimayutsyasportom, fall in love and so on.In a word - to conquer new horizons.Ksozhaleniyu in Russia all the way around.The older the woman, the more she forgets osebe care.But never too late to change everything!

obmenveschestv How to cheat?

It is because of metabolic we start nabiratstremitelno weight.This has already been discussed above.But it can be fooled.All chtonuzhno - a move actively.It is not necessary to go to the gym.You can start with a good cleaning in the house.Take a trip to the country, so there is sure there will be many things that will not let you sit still.In addition, you can go to lesza mushrooms or berries, ride a bike, do Ogorodnov rabotami.Vmesto night sitting in front of the TV, go watch the sunset, podyshitevozduhom.Walk just down the street.Chtobynachat drop those extra kilos a day to go at least 15 tysyachshagov.

horseback riding, swimming, gymnastics, walking - all etizanyatiya help you lose weight, but other than that sostoyanieserdechno improve the circulatory system.Choose for yourself the kind of sport that was easy budetvam: Pilates, fitness and so on.But be careful with spinoyi joints.They are very easy to damage.It is better to engage in a nablyudeniemhoroshego specialist who will make an individual program for you and budetsledit for the correct execution of movements.

main risk areas

  1. Menopause symptoms can be very unpleasant.To ihoblegchit, consult a doctor who will prescribe vicariously-gormonalnuyuterapiyu.Do not attempt to self-medicate, it can lead to negativnymposledstviyam.
  2. With age, our diet should become meneezhirnym.The older we get, the more low-fat foods should bytv our refrigerator.But believe me, even under these conditions, food can ostavatsyavkusnoy.
  3. less sport and more peace - wrong utverzhdenie.Zanimaytes physical activity, continued to dance and so on.Unchanging these useful lessons on TV.
  4. The older we get, the less we have friends.Myperestaem meet new people, avoid relationships.Perhaps the whole thing vstrahe new relationship, or in the knowledge that you are not the person kotorymbyli before.We are afraid of new separations, losses that seem neizbezhnymi.U each had a bitter experience in this business.But do not be closed by lyudey.Darite they themselves, their energy.In addition, the more friends you will temluchshe.With them you will be able to deal with common interesting things, walk, walk pomagazinam something to discuss and share new recipes, emotions, feelings.The mass of options.
  5. no fuss.Usually people in adulthood nachinayutmenshe fuss, but it's bad for the figure.So it will be spent mensheenergii, respectively, and calories will quickly accumulate.Sometimes suetabyvaet and useful.

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