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From what causes pain in the legs?

Varicose rasshirenieven

During the day manifest pain stretching unpleasant vnogah, which by the end of the day increases.To get rid of such nepriyatnyhoschuscheny need to wear compression stockings.However, he completely Vasnev cure, only relieve unpleasant symptoms.Therefore, as soon as the first symptoms vyzametite immediately go to the reception to the vascular surgeon, and make angilogu Doppler.The treatment will be prescribed by a doctor.On rannihetapah usually credited with injection sclerotherapy.


Flatfoot appears dull pain in the legs and feet, which rises in the evening.When walking, you'll quickly get tired, and you find it difficult to wear shoes with heels.Chtobyreshit this problem, see a podiatrist.He will pick up kompleksspetsialnyh exercises that should be done every day.By vozmozhnostizhelatelno wear special orthopedic shoes.


manifested by severe pain in the legs when walking.Sometimes delodohodit to numbness.After a short break, all the symptom

s disappear, but cherezkazhdye 100 meters they appear again.Sometimes the pain in the foot can bespokoitdazhe in the supine position.To get rid of it, you need to lower your leg down.

main cause of endarteritis yavlyaetsyakurenie.So first of all quit smoking.Also be sure posetitesosudistogo surgeon.The doctor you appoint inspection: vascular ultrasound, MRI, angiografiyui various blood tests.Sometimes the disease is treated with the help of surgery (plastikisosudov).


manifested convulsions and calf compression pain kotorayausilivaetsya when walking, climbing stairs, and even at night.Stops cold Ilets and winter.On the big toe throbbing weakly expressed.Men ochenchasto this disease fail to grow hair on their toes and inogdapoyavlyayutsya problems with potency.

If you find yourself in similar symptoms, srochnoobratites to the vascular surgeon.He will prescribe vascular ultrasound and magnetic rezonansnuyukontrastnuyu angiography.


With this disease appears sweep vnogah pain that increases with stress and sharp movements.Mozhetbespokoit pain even when you are at rest.When patients leave the town.Sometimes it can hurt the side or back of the leg from the heel yagoditsydo - this indicates sciatica.

Refer to Spine or neurologist.If the problem spozvonochnikom example aggrieved intervertebral hernia, it can obnaruzhits MRI.Further treatment prescribed by a doctor.


show constant throbbing pain in ikronozhnyhmyshtsah.Sometimes the pain may go into burning.When walking there ipokrasneniya swelling and painful compression of the veins.

Once you have noticed these symptoms, immediately otpravlyaytesk vascular surgeon, and do angioscanning that pomozhetotsenit state of deep vein.Your doctor may give you a referral for analysis Kroviniu nonspecific inflammatory factors.Treatment usually takes podnablyudeniem doctor-patient.If there is no threat of having a blood clot, then pripisyvayutpreparaty that reduce blood clotting, promote rastvoreniyutrombov and strengthen the walls of blood vessels.In the later stages may naznachitoperativnoe intervention.


The disease is manifested by severe pain in the lower leg, sudden reddening of the skin, chills and a sharp rise in temperature.Immediately zheposle appearance of these symptoms consult infectious diseases.In mild formezabolevaniya you assign a course of antibiotics, with more complex forms - vaspomestyat the hospital and appoint additional procedures (laser, magnets, UFO, UHF).

arthritis, arthrosis

When arthritis and osteoarthritis pain appears to twist vsustavah, it becomes particularly strong when walking or long standing.Modern joints deformed and start clicking.When weather changes takzheusilivaetsya pain.The area of ​​the joint swells, there is redness and onastanovitsya hot.

To avoid possible complications, visit skoreerevmatologa.Be sure to hand over blood tests and x-rays sustavovobeih feet.If the doctor will doubt about the diagnosis, it may naznachitdopolnitelno arthroscopy.Treatment may only be complex: ponadobyatsyaspetsialnye orthotics, exercise, medications, diet ifizioterapiya.


In diabetes may bother you cramps in the legs, which are especially noticeable at night, swelling, pain.The skin becomes dry inachinaet shelled, sometimes itchy.Often legs poyavlyaetsyapokalyvanie, numbness and a feeling of "pins and needles."To make an accurate diagnosis, turn blood sugar and visit an endocrinologist.In the treatment will be assigned diet, insulin or glucose-lowering products.


manifested by severe pain in the calves and cramps.Most vsegoetim disease affects women after forty years.To determine etozabolevanie, you must go through densitometry - the study of bone tissue.Eslibudet found its deficiency, the doctor will prescribe medications that contain calcium.


manifested by sharp throbbing pain in the thumb noginezavisimo load.The big toe is red, swollen, hot and stanovitsyachuvstvitelnym.

Before taking any measures posetiterevmatologa and hand over a blood from a vein.With timely treatment can cure dannoezabolevanie nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and means to inhibit the formation of uric acid.In the initial stadiibolezni you ascribe special diets exclude meat and fish dishes, limit alcohol, eating spicy foods, mushrooms, spinach, coffee, cocoa, chocolate, tomatoes and beans.

Heel spur

rezkoybolyu manifested in the heel while running and even walking.To get rid of this disease, it is first necessary to lose weight and turn to the orthopedist and sdelatrentgen.For the treatment used special ointments, laser therapy, anti-inflammatory agents, cross-massages, orthotics ipodpyatochnye tab.If the disease is too advanced, you can naznachitoperatsiyu.Useful lessons are swimming and cycling.


The disease is difficult to determine, since it simptomymogut appear only occasionally.Most often, when there is pain myalgia muscle hips, which is pulling or yanking character.Symptoms may increase poslesilnyh physical activities or change in the weather.

To diagnose the disease, contact knevrologu.He will prescribe painkillers gels and ointments, and takzheprotivovospalitelnye drugs.

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