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How to spend more calories?

Every day, our body spends energy on chtobyobogrevat body digest food, as well as the growth of hair, nails, and on vdyhanievozduha heartbeat.The biochemical processes that occur within us, just require energy.So calories consumed continuously dazhekogda we sleep.

But despite this, some people who spend many-time in the gym, can not lose weight, and some never zanimalissportom, but remain thin.What's the matter?In the process pohudeniyavliyaet basal metabolism - an indicator of the intensity of energy metabolism.Etokolichestvo heat that is generated in a state of rest and thermal comfort.Uzhenschin basal metabolism less than men, approximately 10-15%.Osnovnoyobmen also reduced fasting and some diseases.

Chill to help

most calories your body spends it napodderzhanie constant body temperature.And this despite the usual komnatnoytemperature.And if you reduce the temperature to 10-15 degrees, raskhodkalory increase by two or even three times.It is worth noting that naobogrev body energy is mainl

y from the fat reserves of up to 90% (votlichie of physical activities that require carbohydrate costs).Imennopoetomu autumn and winter the most fat accumulates in our body.

Experts recommend installing in the cold godatemperaturu in the room does not exceed 25 degrees.Then you will not be too silnopopravlyatsya.A walk in the cold helps to get rid of 100 calories of all Within a 10 minutes!But after these walks, as a rule, immediately drawn to holodilniku.Takim, the body tries to compensate for time spent.But here mozhnopribegnut to a small trick - eat hot, but not greasy food: mashed potatoes, milk, a light soup of coffee, and so on.

Water Treatments

to spend the calories in the summer, it is necessary to use holodnuyupischu and drinks.The body will expend more energy to warm up their vzheludke.The truth is quite a bit: to heat one cup at 10 degrees, it is necessary only 0.2 kcal.But since the summer we drink a lot of water, two litrovza day, leave about 200 calories.Ktomu water can cause the body to expend calories are not tolkoiznutri, but also outside.For example, the code you swim.Since water holodneetemperatury air while swimming you will lose twice as many calories as walking.Even after half an hour swimming sluggish you will lose at least 200kkal.

simple movements

Besides weather conditions, the process of slimming effect idvigatelnaya activity.Even the most minor muscle contraction or ihstatisticheskaya work on hold any provision of good uvelichivayutenergeticheskie costs.Just in a sitting position, we lose about 30 kcal vchas.And if you prefer to while knitting or embroidery, you can poteryatuzhe 100 calories - as the tense shoulders and arms, move your fingers apozvonochniku ​​harder to maintain balance.

daily activities that help us lose weight

  • Household cleaning .Ubirat useful, it is so you do not just hover the cleanliness of the apartment, but ismozhete get rid of a few hundred calories.Even the most ordinary things: dusting, wiping floors, folding stuff, laundry, washing dishes iliokon will burn about three hundred calories.
  • Shopping -lyubimoe activity of many girls that can bring many benefits.Chtobyszhech more calories, it is best to go shopping in a huge gipermarket.Za hour you're there get rid of 250 calories.And besides, he can buy sebechto something new.
  • Children and pets you take away a lot of calories.If you have a cat or a dog, nelenites play with them, not only at home but also in the street.The greater the advances, the more energy your body expends.Hourly aktivnayaprogulka with a dog on the street can completely replace the trek to the gym and vypotratite to 400 kcal.If you have children, then for a walk you smozheteszhech more calories.For example, if you try to teach your malyshakatatsya bike, play ball or do some exercise.
  • Garden .Dumayu every woman who has her uchastochek, familiar firsthand how hard it is to cope with it.Fuss with ornamental plants and flowers otnimaetnemalo energy (up to 350 calories per hour).And if the garden is big, it rabotatnuzhno every day.Those who spend a lot of time on my site grooming Catching, just a couple of days can throw up to 1 kg.
  • Recreation .Naotdyhe not all people manage to get rid of the extra calories.Here is all budetzaviset you and your temperament.Some of us prefer aktivnyyotdyh, and some prefer the tranquility and complete relaxation.Some mogutpodolgu lie on the beach under an umbrella, while others actively splash in the sea and hoditna various excursions.But even if you're not too much fuss, otneskolkih hundred calories still be able to get rid of.However, if you hotitedeystvitelno during the holiday to buy a good shape, often wondered what's going on around you.
  • Office .Malokto of us the whole day just sitting in one place.Even if you ofisnayarabota.Perhaps even without noticing, you're moving more than a home vvyhodnye days.For example, several times an hour you get up from his chair to razmyatnogi, you walk, climb stairs, do yourself a tea, eat and takdalee.Even sitting at the table, you make a lot of movements, trying to find udobnoepolozhenie.Thus, the day of office work, you can get rid of 300kkal, with nothing really doing.

Pleasant trifles

burns calories and can be from very simple, but very priyatnyhmelochey.For example, in a five-minute talk on a cell phone, you teryaetedo 20 kcal.If during a conversation you will still walk, then add another ketomu number 10. If you like to sing or play on muzykalnominstrumente, do it as often as possible.Forty minutes pomozhetvam these lessons to get rid of 100 calories.Creativity is also a positive impact on poterekalory.

When kissing and sex can burn 30 to 150 calories per chas.Odnako no less effective and turbulent emotions that can arise when prosmotrefilma, reading books, declarations of love.The rush of blood to the face, uchaschennoeserdtsebienie, sometimes even tears - all signs of accelerated obmenaveschestv in our body.Strong emotional experiences can egouskorit 5-10%.That's why many are beginning to lose weight quickly when vlyublyayutsyaili divorced, experience stress.

We wish you a cute girl in your life to bylokak many positive emotions that have affected your figure idelali it slimmer.But if these emotions are not enough, then you get rid of calories otlishnih other simple but effective way.For example, gulyayteso his family, often put them in an apartment, spend time in nature, draw, dance, practice shopingomi so on.With all of these daily activities you can szhechlishnie calories and get away from it a lot of fun.

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