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What you should know about sleep?

Sleep sectional

Sleep is divided into two phases: fast and slow.Slow fazazanimaet about 75% of total sleep, and fast - 25%.During medlennogosna recover our physical strength.He divided into neskolkostady: the first (when we fall asleep), second (rasslableniyavsego optimum condition of the body), third and fourth (deep sleep).

Once the slow phase of sleep over, it smenyaetbystraya.REM sleep is responsible for the restoration of our mental sostoyaniya.Bystry sleep has other names: paradoxical bystrovolnovoy, stadiyabystryh eye movements.That's when we dream and our eye yablokidvigayutsya.If a person experiences during the day stress and psihologicheskuyunapryazhennost, it will more time in REM sleep.

During REM sleep occurs a phenomenon that scientists are unable to explain pokane.Very nervous system is activated, uchaschaetsyaserdtsebienie and breath, and after a few minutes all the indicators again returned vnormu.There is a theory that the way the body checks his gotovnostk action in case o

f danger.But surely no one know about.

It REM sleep is responsible for our memory.When zhivotnyhlishali REM sleep, they quickly forget all the things they have been taught recently.And experiments were conducted with people in which it was found that most of the information we store it in a dream.Volunteers peredsnom taught foreign words.The first half was allowed to sleep, and the second is not.Ikonechno as those who slept well, remember more words.


Nobody knows why we need dreams.Some believe chtoeto side effect of brain activity.Our subconscious so obrazompytaetsya contact us and tells you what you should pay attention.Snyvidyat everything people simply do not remember all of them after probuzhdeniya.Somnologi - people who are studying the characteristics of sleep vydelyayutneskolko types of dreams:

  • Physiological - those dreams, which reflect sostoyanienashego body.For example, if we are hot, in a dream, we can see ourselves in ochenteplom place.
  • fact - those dreams in which we roll the events of the day with us.
  • Art - dreams in which we see the future masterpieces job opening.A striking example of Mendeleev dream in which he saw svoyutablitsu elements.
  • Compensation - those dreams in which we get all chtohotim.They are the most enjoyable.

separate classifications take nightmares.More often we wake posleny with anxiety, in a cold sweat and fear.So obrazompsihika trying to get rid of excess stress.Most often nightmares poseschayutteh people who are unbalanced psyche.Sometimes the cause koshmarovmozhet be overeating at night, taking certain medications, unsolved psihologicheskayaproblema and so on.

Scientists do not deny that dreams can be prophetic, but neutverzhdayut this.Most of what we dream can zaprostoobyasnit.

How to sleep?

Everyone has their individual biorhythms poetomuprodolzhitelnost sleep at all different.Someone quite five hours of sleep, chtobychuvstvovat himself cheerfully all day, but for someone and eight will be enough.Poetomunuzhno find a middle ground.Not bad sleep, but not much slishkomhorosho.This was proved by the scientists who conducted the study.During nihvyyasnilos that those who are not constantly refilled and those who sleep more than 8 hours vsutki, twice as likely to suffer from diseases of the cardiovascular system.

For an adult the optimal time for sleep about 7chasov.However, the individual rate at everyone.She zaprogrammirovanageneticheski and unchanging throughout life.If you find it, then mozhnouluchshit performance and health.

But to determine your sleep schedule may only vblagopriyatnyh environment where we can sleep as long as necessary, but not as much as we dictate the environment.This can be done during the holidays or during vacation vremyadlitelnogo.

enough sleep affects everything: our health, metabolism, beauty, activity, mood, mental activity.To all this was fine enough prostovysypatsya.And sleep is best when it is convenient.If zhevremeni to a comfortable night's sleep is not enough, the highlight of the day for 15minutes.During this time the body as if "reboot" and activates svoirezervy.It will be more productive for the remainder of the day.Noesli you suffer from insomnia or have trouble sleeping at night, the day COHb contraindicated.

Sleep scheduled

Everyone dreams of being awake and full of energy posleprobuzhdeniya.But sometimes there are situations when time polnotsennyyotdyh not at all and we are unable to tear his head from the pillow.As with etimborotsya?

few years ago, there were special bioritmicheskiebudilniki.They monitor brain activity during sleep.You need tolkonadet special bracelet that will capture micromotions tela.Zaranee set the interval at which you need to wake up, for example from 8 to 8: 30utra.A clever device will determine the moment when you most easily budetprosnutsya.

and can independently learn to wake up at exactly the zhevremya.The easiest way to wake up the second stage of sleep.Stage menyayutsyapriblizitelno every half hour.Therefore, if you have little time to sleep, wake up all toluchshe in 4.5 - 6 hours after you fall asleep.But tutvse individually.One and a half hours - average.Some he mozhetsostavlyat 1.25 or 1.40.Many people can identify this intervalintuitivno.Therefore, you must listen to yourself.

Chemistry sleep

during sleep is very important hormones are produced.Therefore, the lack of them can cause serious health problems.

Melatonin - a hormone that protects us from stress, enhances immunity, prevents premature aging, preduprezhdaetrakovye disease.During sleep, is produced up to 70% of the daily requirement.Egovyrabotka begins at dusk, and its peak occurs between midnight and 4 am.

STH - slows down the aging process, reguliruetdeyatelnost nervous system, improves memory.The peak of its production accounts cherez2-3 hours after falling asleep.

leptin and ghrelin - are responsible for the feeling of satiety and appetit.Te who regularly enough sleep, have a strong sense of hunger, and so stradayutlishnim weight.So if you sobralispohudet, you need enough sleep.Scientists have shown that women who sleep enough, lose weight much faster than those who enough sleep.

To sleep better, go in the same time, despite the TV before going to bed (do not sit at a computer), do not work vposteli not exercise before going to bed, do not load up nanoch, do not drink before going to bed cola, coffee anddrinks containing caffeine.Takzherekomenduetsya to maintain the room temperature of 18-25 degrees.