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How to treat a cough?

Folk remedies for coughs with phlegm

If prolonged cough, it will be an effective means of Fresh-frozen berries or cranberries.Initially well obdadim them with boiling water and using a blender puree the berries will turn.To the puree add the same amount of linden honey and stir.The mixture is take 1 tablespoon on an empty stomachthree times a day.Treatment is carried out to complete the purification of the bronchi.

to treat cough using cranberry juice.Its mixed with honey and drink the infusion of 1 tbspmorning and evening.

Many know the following recipe for cough with phlegm.It consists of infusion of mint leaves, honey, garlic, milk and onions.The liter of milk shall weld heads 10 small onion, clove of garlic, when they are welded to the resulting liquid, add 200 ml of infusion of mint leaves and 2 tablespoonshoney.Mix well and take 1 tablespoonevery hour.

Tomato, Natural infusion
from wet cough helps Tomato, Natural infusion.Was prepared as follows.Take a handful of figs and cook it in a lit
er of milk.Cook the berries for 30 minutes.After that, leave the mixture to infuse.Three hours later, the present turn into mashed figs, and consume ½ cup three times a day.

cough with phlegm cure herbal infusion.Stocks of oregano, Altea and mother-and-stepmother.Take 1 tablespoon of each herb, put in a jar and fill with boiling water.The resulting extract and put in a dark warm place for 4 hours.Then strain and begin to treat cough, drink it instead of water.

Badger fat will be of great help in the treatment of cough.They rub the chest and back before bedtime.After 3 treatments reduced cough and will not bring trouble.

Steam inhalation
good effect is steam inhalation.They are carried out with herbal remedies and essential oils.This method of treatment of cough with phlegm has antiallergic, anti-inflammatory, a multivitamin, mucolytic, expectorant.In the treatment of cough with phlegm good steam inhalation to help children.

Pine buds
take a few pine buds and fill a glass of boiled milk, wrapped up and let it brew for approximately one hour.Drink in equal portions during the day.This recipe is well suited to treat cough.

Bow good folk remedy

There are many recipes using this natural ingredient.Prepare the broth - two unpeeled onion cook in half a liter of water an hour.During cooking, add a cup of sugar.Then use a decoction for oral administration.Accept ½ cup three times a day.

small onion or half the average fine shall cut, folded into an enamel bowl and zasyplem 1 teaspoon sugar.When the onions start up the juice, the juice of ½ tsp acceptthree times a day.

Take mint, plantain, mother and stepmother, marshmallow, all the ingredients are mixed in equal proportions, fill with boiling water at the rate of a glass of boiling water to 1 tablespoonherbs and insist on a water bath for 15 minutes.This decoction drink on an empty stomach at least 3 times a day.

Cough treatment will be effective if it is carried out with alkaline steam inhalations.For inhalation sprinkle half a teaspoon of baking soda and pour a glass of boiling water.Let's wait until the water has cooled slightly, to inhale the steam does not cause discomfort.Before inhalation, add water 3 drops of pine oil.This procedure is carried out before bedtime.

Before using any means to treat cough, you should consult your doctor.