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Deviated septum

Thus, increases susceptibility to allergic diseases ivospalitelnym respiratory system, headaches, this leads to the development of neurotic states, as well as the disruption of the genitourinary and cardiovascular system.Deformatsiyanosovoy septum can be caused by uneven growth litsevogocherepa at a young age or injury of the nose.

Pochemuproiskhodit deviated septum?

At an early age, this disease occurs very redko.Zachastuyu problems with nasal septum develops in adolescence ot13 18 years.

Many experts say that the cause of the curvature vnepravilnoy correlation between the growth of the bones of the cranial and facial skeleton, so nosovayaperegorodka bent due to the fact that the frame is very narrow for her.Other vrachiutverzhdayut that this is due to improper or uneven rostaskeleta the barrier itself.

big role in a deviated septum igrayuttravmy.Men suffer from this more than women 3 times.This suggests that female gorazdorezhe exposed to injury than men.

Simptomyiskrivlenie septum

  • breathing problems.Maybe as a partial zatrudneniedyhanie and its absence.If the septum is bent Sodnam hand, then shortness of breath will be seen on the left or right polovinynosa.In such cases, the patient may be surprised when the doctor put diagnoziskrivleniya, because the nose breathing horosho.Na really adaptable people, and does not notice that negoproblemy with nasal septum.There are cases when a large nose dyhanievovse not disrupted due to a large cavity.In other words - if you horoshodyshite through the nose, then this does not mean that you do not have to nosovoyperegorodkoy violations.
  • Snoring.One reason for snoring - a breathing disorder.
  • dryness in the mouth.
  • Chronic sinus - sinusitis, sinusitis, sinusitis, etmoidit.
  • Allergic diseases.
  • deformation of the nose.When changing the shape of the nose injury, it is more directed to the left or right.
Lecheniedeformatsii septum

to treat a deviated septum trebuetsyahirurgicheskoe intervention - surgery endoscopic septoplasty.Priprovedenii operation no cuts on his face does not, therefore formanaruzhnogo nose remains unchanged.Basically it operatsiisostavlyaet 30-60 minutes duration.Spend it, and under local and under general anesteziey.Operatsiya ends up in the nose insert special silikonovyeplastinki - splint and gauze pads that day after provedeniyaoperatsii removed.This sluchaepatsient at the clinic just a day and a week after the operation nuzhnobudet go to ligation to faster healing adhesions.

Now almost the only way to treat all vidoviskrivleniya -podslizistaya septum resection.Resection of isolated spines and ridges are applied only rarely.

If a curved partition, and you sluchaynoobnaruzhili, then surgery is not required.But if there is a sudden bending rasstroystvadyhaniya and clearly noticeable togdanuzhno consider the fact that etomozhet cause functional disorders.In old age operatsiyaprohodit difficult.The operation, which is aimed at adapting the body kpravilnomu nasal breathing and restructuring breathing apparatus may not datnuzhnogo effect.That is why it is best to eliminate the distortion in molodomvozraste.In addition, the need to carry out the operation, if the person was young estpochti full or complete obstruction of one side of the nose due to deformation nosovoyperegorodki, even if it is free to breathe the other half of the nose and does not complain.

There are many cases when under strain nosovoyperegorodki there is also hyperplasia middle or bottom shell, or even obeihrakovin on the side which is opposite to the strain.Often it is seen on etoystorone and difficulty breathing.This can be understood if to fasten nosovomuotverstiyu cold spatula and exhale look at the size of pyatnaot steam.In this case, if only do resection, improved prohodimostinosa not be not only on the side where there hypertrophy shells but naprotivopolozhnoy side.The fact that the shells are exaggerated press against the septum, which, after the operation will not give the mobile eystat sagittal position.Therefore, doctors recommend with rezektsieyproyti turbinotomy.Best of all, and it is easier to do it right after rezektsiinosovoy partitions, defer only for specific reasons (opasnostnastupleniya adhesions, unusual bleeding).

Often the deformation of the anterior nasal peregorodkisluchaetsya shells hypertrophy, which is on the narrowed side (when it is determined rinoskopii before surgery-resection).And if takayagipertrofiya expressed very strongly, then you should remove it immediately.

If suddenly at a curvature of the narrow side can allow air and the other storonaobturirovana hypertrophied shells, in this case, you need only snachalasdelat turbinotomy.If this is not enough, then in 2-3 months nuzhnosdelat also resection.

If a person has a soft tissue hypertrophy, whereas nuzhnoih cut with scissors or remove galvanokauterom best podslizistymputem.Often the problem to eliminate soft tissue hypertrophy rear otdelovsoshnika.Often it can be reached only after resection.To razrushitih galvanokauterom need to be especially careful not to prizhechodnovremenno shell, and that will adhesions.

Often the deformation of the nasal septum meets asimmetriyareshetchatoy bone.Where partition inflect, grid maze stanovitsyabolshe compared with the other party.

In such situations you need, along with an operation to remove nosovoyperegorodke also part of a trellised labyrinth, but if it is possible to undelete average sink, it only need to put in more lateralnoepolozhenie.

In addition to those indications, which are listed above for rezektsiinosovoy partitions, this intervention should be carried out as a preparation kproizvedeniyu or other operations in order to provide the best rezultatyetih operations.

The operations of this kind include the autopsy osnovnoypazuhi, grid cells and the frontal sinus surgery on lacrimal sac and others.

Very rarely resection of the nasal septum produce in order to be able to hold the ear catheter flushing of the Eustachian tube.

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