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15 of the Health of Chinese Traditional Medicine

1. person need to massage more often.Sun, wind, rain, hands, but do not stretch the skin and remember that the delicate facial muscles, identified for a light touch.

2. Hair often better to comb.It improves the blood circulation of the head, and therefore eliminates the headache, enriches bulbs hair roots with oxygen, making them nice and shiny.

3. Eyes need to move all the time.But with intensive reading and mental work from time to time they have to close, giving them a rest, although it will still be rotated left and right, up and down.

4. ears should be constantly on guard.To catch them it is necessary not only noises and sounds, but also subtle phenomenon: the flow of air, the rustle of the flower, the breath of a loved one, a child, a friend.The hearing will be thin, healthy ears.

5. teeth. upper and lower .chelyusti should contact all the time.This allows the lower part of the face to not lose the oval does not spread, and the person will make it Bethe each tooth, to fight for its ex

istence in the mouth to the end.After all, the absence of two or three teeth does not allow the upper and lower contact properly chew food.

6. mouth should be covered.So you will not catch another infection, do not catch a cold throat.This aesthetic and shows that you do not have adenoids, sinusitis, inflammation in the maxillary sinuses, and other, which forced her mouth open to breathe.

7. mouth constantly to be saliva.It - an indicator of the health of the mucous membranes.Therefore, the smaller emotions and watch your fluid intake.Water, compotes, juices, jellies, along with the broth - at least 1.5 liters a day.

8. Breath need to be light.If it is heavier, it is necessary to lose weight and learn to sleep with an open window, walk more and spend more time nA nature.

9. Heart let it be always calm.It is when your spirit will prevail over the body.When you realize in yourself and other people, the presence of the divine spark of the divine essence, you have no right to judge others, because, first of all, they blame God.Why worry when bad news if your heart as a carrier of higher consciousness knows that you can not fix anything, that all misfortune "earned" by us in previous existences.If we have stolen something, we did not give it an old debt, if we took away the wife or husband, we led them once somebody is not thinking about how to be left to suffer or abandoned people.If we commit suicide or encouraged others to do so, we have the same death in his own house.Quiet heart not live without prayer.Communication with the sky - for him food.And you should not leave it without this heavenly "diet."

10. let Consciousness is always present.This means that before you think, and then enters that thought -Home all, and it should be spotless and clean.Remember that awareness of action for the next day does not cost anything.

11. Back must always be straight.Spine keeps our body.He does not like a crouching state.Inside him, like mercury in a thermometer, pulsing spinal cord.No one would think to bend the thermometer - it means to destroy it.But back bend under the weight of the cargo, while washing the lenses, work in the country.And there is a slow squeezing drive towards spinal roots, and a bunch of diseases and short life.So when there is work in the slope, consider how to facilitate it, and often straightens rest.

12. Belly often need to stroke.Thus we strengthen the intestinal peristalsis, quickly pushes content and hinders fat fastened on his stomach.But he,

who eats moderately and at least once a month, it cleans the intestines, can not be afraid of the completeness and diseases in this area.Note that in the solar plexus need to stroke the belly clockwise, and the rest space - clockwise.

13. Chest let it be always concave.This eliminates the stoop, cervical degenerative disc disease, cause always be fit and looking into the eyes of the interlocutor.

14. It should be laconic.This in any situation makes you think.In vain do not waste energy.Do not blurt out secrets, because of the miserly speech nothing to fish, and most importantly, it is devoid of strong emotions that always fall on the person or the listener, disrupting his composure.

15. keep skin always moisturized.This means that it is time to comply with drinking water and water regimes: go to the bath, take a shower (if health permits, contrast) ... to get rid of envy, avarice: in envious and greedy human skin is very dry.

From these simple rules considerably Chinese peeps that health and beauty are associated with thinking, morality and lifestyle.

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