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Learn how to protect your teeth from an early age

Not everyone knows that the reason for these unpleasant phenomena - plaque.This specific formation on tooth surfaces formed as a result of accumulation and growth of microorganisms.Plaque attached to the tooth surface, it is impossible to wash off with water.Plaque bacteria convert sugar and food residue in the mouth into acids that dissolve tooth enamel.As a result of tooth decay begins.In addition, toxic substances secreted by the bacteria cause inflammation of the gums (gingivitis), their bleeding.Inflammation can spread to the jaw bone and the ligament that holds the teeth in the dental hole.Teeth lose their stability, are beginning to wobble.

How to avoid these unpleasant phenomena?

To protect your teeth from an early age, they should be cleaned 2 times a day: in the morning (after breakfast) and in the evening, because during sleep the protective properties of saliva are reduced.Preference was given toothbrushes synthetic bristle (nylon) or medium soft hardness.Synthetic fibers can be give

n rigidity and elasticity, its ends are rounded and do not injure the mucous membrane of the gums.In addition, artificial brushes are more hygienic than natural bristle brush.Buy only those toothbrushes that have a certificate of hygienic registration.Toothbrush should be sold in a sealed package, which indicated its name, the degree of stiffness of bristles, contains information about the manufacturer.New toothbrush must be well washed with warm running water.But we should handle it with boiling water, it spoils artificial bristles!

size toothbrush chosen for each person individually.Working part should be of about 2-3 diameters of crowns of teeth: it will easily clean hard to reach areas.Adults suited brush head length 22-28 mm, the children - about 20 mm.Tufts of bristles should be placed infrequently.Form toothbrush does not affect the cleaning efficiency.Change your toothbrush should be every 2-2.5 months kept cleanly washed, in a glass, head up.Children's toothbrush should be soft, with a small, short head.The original shape and bright color brushes help make tooth brushing fun and attractive to children.


paste typically consists of antiseptic surfactants, an abrasive filler, perfume and binders.The paste can enter and prophylactic agents.Depending on whether or not they are introduced, pastes are divided into hygienic and therapeutic-preventive.

Toothpastes must also meet specific requirements.They should be harmless, possess polishing and cleaning properties.Also, they should have a pleasant appearance, taste and smell.Has a cooling and disinfecting effect, have therapeutic and preventive treatment.Scientific proof of the important role of fluoride in the prevention of dental diseases.Therefore, preference should be given fluoride toothpaste .Fluoride - chemical compounds that are specially selected doses reduce the risk of tooth decay.They should contribute to the strengthening of enamel, improve its resistance to the ravages of acid.More fluoride prevents the growth of microorganisms, do not give them to attach to the tooth surface, inhibiting their reproduction.Thereby preventing the appearance of dental plaque.Choosing a fluoride toothpaste, make sure that the package is hermetically sealed and the expiry date is not expired.

Learning to protect your teeth from an early age, remember that dental hygiene paste intended only to refresh and cleanse the mouth.As a rule, medical and prophylactic toothpaste should contain biologically active additives: infusions and extracts of medicinal plants, trace elements, vitamins, salt.Depending on what kind of bioactive substance included in their composition, toothpaste can be divided into 5 groups:

- anticaries paste;

- paste the contents of plant components;

- salt paste;

- paste the contents of a variety of biologically active additives;

- pastes containing enzymes.

Protivokarioznye paste help strengthen tooth mineral tissues and prevent the formation of dental plaque.This effect is achieved by introducing into their structure of compounds of calcium, phosphorus and fluorine.Toothpastes «Blend-a-med Complete» and «Blend-a-med Mineral Action» help securely protect teeth from cavities thanks to active fluorine in the "Fluoristat."For 1 minute brushing teeth so they provide the amount of free fluorine as other toothpastes - 10 minutes.«Dentavit Q10» contains coenzyme Q10, has a healthy effect on the gums, and the active fluoride in its composition protects teeth from decay.Toothpastes «Lacalut sensitive» and «Colgate sensitive» apply if you have hypersensitivity of tooth enamel to external stimuli.They should be selected if you have painful reaction to cold, hot, sour, sweet.

pastes containing additives as plant preparations , help improve metabolism mucosal stimulate healing minor injuries, reduce bleeding gums have excellent deodorizing properties.Their fitoformuly contain extracts of green tea, St. John's wort, sage and other herbal ingredients.

Salt tooth pastes contain various mineral components.Minerals can improve blood circulation and stimulate the metabolic processes in the gums and oral mucosa, causes an increase in the outflow of tissue fluid from the inflamed gums.Salt toothpaste famous analgesic effect, prevent the formation of soft plaque.

toothpaste containing various dietary supplements have healing and anti-inflammatory action.They are used for the treatment of periodontitis, gingivitis and other diseases of the oral mucosa.

Fermentosoderzhaschie toothpastes well clear enamel.They dissolved nicotine plaque, soft plaque and remove food debris between the teeth.These pastes experts recommend the use for the treatment of oral mucosa and periodontal disease during their exacerbations.Recently went on sale non-abrasive cleaners and transparent gel toothpastes.Especially effective gel toothpaste to restore enamel.

Flavor toothpaste for a child dentist should be taking into account the age and condition of the teeth.Pre-school children is better to use slightly foaming paste.Children's toothpaste "Vitosha F», «Putzi», «Dpakosha" contain calcium and fluoride, which strengthens tooth enamel.The fluorine content in toothpastes children is 2-3 times lower than in pastes intended for adults.This ensures the safety of the baby when he accidentally swallowed a certain amount of toothpaste during brushing.

Other means of prevention.

Dental floss used to remove plaque from the contact surfaces of the teeth.For the same purposes, and used toothpicks.In recent years, physicians have actively investigated the effects of chewing gum on the incidence of teeth and gums.Scientists have proved that chewing gum reduces the amount of deposits on the teeth.If you enter in its composition and prophylactic treatment additives, it may have a preventive effect."Gum" increases the rate of salivation by 3-10 times.Neutralizes acid in the mouth.It promotes the penetration of saliva in difficult spaces between teeth.It helps to remove food residue from there.However, we must remember that chewing gum can not substitute for regular cleaning of the teeth.

main purpose toothpaste - deodorization mouth.They are used for rinsing after brushing or after a meal.If you enter into the elixirs medical and preventive additives, it allows you to use them as an additional preventive means.

Proper nutrition.

Fluorine compounds enter the body with food and water.For example, tea, mineral water, seaweed, sea fish.But this is not enough.For replenishment of fluoride should be consumed fluoridated salt, fluorine-containing medicines and toothpaste.For the prevention of dental diseases, it is important to observe certain rules of supply.In the intervals between meals should not eat foods high in sugar.Especially candy and flour products (cookies, crackers, pastries), the remains of which are preserved for a long time on the teeth.The constant presence of sugar in the mouth stimulates the production of acid by microorganisms, which gradually destroys the enamel.Drinking soft drinks, sweets more than five times a day for 40% increases the risk of tooth decay.

to have a beautiful white smile, keep the following guidelines:

- instead of sweets eat more raw fruits, vegetables, nuts;

- carefully chew solid raw vegetables.For example, carrots and celery;

- instead of nectar, or fizzy drinks with high sugar content drink unsweetened drinks, juices, partly skimmed milk;

- eat dairy products and green vegetables.They contain calcium, which strengthens the hard tissue of teeth;

- use fluoride toothpaste;

- brush your teeth twice a day, at the same time observe the proper technique;at least once a day, floss, use a toothpick;

- Rinse your mouth with water or mouthwash after every meal;

- See your dentist twice a year.The doctor will give advice on oral hygiene, time to identify the problems encountered;

By following these simple rules of hygiene, you will save your teeth healthy and beautiful.And do not forget to learn to properly care for teeth and oral cavity of their children.