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How to improve vision by using popular recipes?

blueberry juice.
blueberries has long been used to treat the eye, used in the form of droplets and decoctions of the leaves.Fresh drops should be prepared immediately before use.Before you wash, take 5-6 frozen or fresh blueberries, press them through a cheesecloth, preferably sterile, a few drops of juice diluted with distilled water, 1 drop of juice mix with 2 drops of water.Pipette 1-2 drops instilled in each eye every day.Vision will improve in 3-5 days.

juice help strengthen the eye muscles.
Take the juice to get 30 grams of parsley, chicory, carrots, celery and mix, 1 drink per day.Juices restore vision in a few days.

to improve vision mulberry leaves.
Take a teaspoon of mulberry leaf per cup of boiling water and infuse 40 minutes.By putting a gauze pad eyes for 30 minutes, which are wetted in this solution.

to improve vision.
Take 200 grams of chopped leaves of aloe plant must be older than 3 years, add 50 grams of herbs eyebright, 50 grams blue cornflower petals, pour 0.6 liters of dr

y red wine and 0.6 liters of honey.In a dark place to insist 3 days, stirring occasionally contents, then cook 1 hour in a boiling bath, then strain and cool.Take 20 minutes before meals three times a day for 1 teaspoon.

Parsley to improve vision .
To restore vision, turn the parsley through the meat grinder, then add honey, lemon juice, pour as much as you ground parsley.Accepted an hour before meals for 1 tablespoon, and a month or two you will notice improved vision.

carrot juice with honey for the view.
Take a glass of carrot juice every day with the addition of a teaspoon of honey.The juice should be freshly squeezed, 2 weeks to see positive changes.The course of treatment should be one month.

visual gymnastics.
1. Bring hands to his face, rastopyrte fingers.Turn your head in different directions, imagine if your fingers, it's some kind of fence, looking through his fingers away.One gets the impression that the fingers move.Make three turns with open eyes and three turns with his eyes closed.Turns repeat 20-30 times.

2. Imagine that you have a large sheet of paper.Mentally draw in the top right corner of the square, draw a circle in it, next to it a ball, draw different shapes, so you relax.This exercise should be done several times a day.

3. Make the card and from different points of the room try to identify a particular letter, or coming close, or moving away from the table.Even if you do not see the letter, try to imagine that letter.

4. Stand up and stretch forth his hand, look at the end of the middle finger.Then try to approach the finger and staring at him, until it was seeing double.Repeat 6-8 times.

5. Make a circular motion through the eyes in one direction and then the other, repeat 4-6 times.

6. Take three fingers of each hand and push down on the upper eyelids of both eyes, and then remove after 1-2 minutes fingers with age.Repeat 3-4 times.

7. to start very quickly blink for 15-20 seconds.These exercises should be performed every day.This gym is responsible for the process that determines the sharpness and clarity of vision, trains the muscles.The training aimed to ensure that people felt the visual comfort, a little help improve vision.To strengthen the eye muscles move the eyeball downward, upward, and in different directions to 30 times.

recommendations to those who for a long time sitting at the computer.
To give your eyes a rest, close them for a few minutes

2. When not working at the computer and just sit at the table, turn off the monitor screen.

3. Periodically move the eyes and blink, as if automatically and continuously.

If the person dipping into clean water and try to open my eyes under water, this procedure clears the eyes and eyesight gets better.Good for the eyes, if you rinse the infusion of anise.If you take a fresh pomegranate juice with pulp, add honey and cook, then he will have a good effect and it can be used before each meal.

You learned how to improve vision by using popular recipes, but before you use it, one way or another recipe, you will not hurt to consult an eye doctor.Drink juice, do exercises, do not sit for long periods at the computer, and all the best to you.I wish you health!