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Hirudotherapy - treatment of leeches

leeches treated the pharaohs.

first evidence of the use of leeches in treating people were "documented" in Ancient Egypt.In Pharaonic tomb discovered painting with such a plot: the doctor puts a leech on the crown of the pharaoh.Then, and it was first described treatment method, which later became known as hirudotherapy.At the end of XVIII and the first half of the XIX century leech therapy is widespread in Europe.With the help of doctors relieves people with heart disease, liver, lung, stomach, fevers.And in 1884, John Haykraft, a professor at King's College in Birmingham, received the extract from the body leech, which influenced the flow properties of the blood and prevent it from clotting.Further research helped to open a special substance contained in the salivary glands of leeches.He was named hirudin.This discovery is in itself very important, whereas led to undesirable consequences - hirudotherapy was seen as a panacea.It is prescribed for any ailments.And we put a large number of leeches.Thi

s often led to profuse blood loss and ultimately - to negative outcomes.

With the development of medicine and pharmacology doctors began to count on analgesics, antibiotics and other new drugs.They gradually began to abandon the "obsolete" hirudotherapy.So, by the middle of the XX century chemist leech almost disappeared from the arsenal of medical tools.Who is the fourth largest after cardiovascular diseases, cancer and diabetes complications out medication and allergies.It is therefore not surprising that the renewed interest in the use of proven natural therapeutic agents for centuries.Including - hirudotherapy.

Live Factory biologically active substances.

As strange as it sounds, leeches are animals and belong to the class of annelid worms of freshwater.Their main distinguishing feature is the hematophagous, that is powered exclusively by blood.One species of leeches called medical leech, has long been listed as endangered.Due to the pollution of the natural medicinal leech ponds disappearing everywhere and therefore it is grown artificially in special laboratories.

structure of the digestive system of the medicinal leech arranged tricky way.Special glands located throughout its length, produce biologically active substances.And from glands on channels such substances get into the wound and prevent blood clotting.Leeches enough to eat once every four months.And with a lack of food can go without food for a year.In the intestinal tract leeches inhabit inherent only to her girudientis bacterium.This bacterium disinfects harmful substances and prevents putrefaction.Such a "cupping" is very useful to humans.His body is cleansing the bloodstream.There is a stimulation of the blood-forming organs, resulting in blood quickly updated.All this increases the immune system, strengthens the body's defense.

Leech is significantly different from other bloodsuckers in the best human side.During the bite, she throws the blood healing saliva.This is not simply a saliva - a unique complex which consists of nearly one hundred of biologically active substances with healing effect.Most of them science is just beginning to explore.Scientists have already identified in saliva extract more than 200 complex protein compounds and a large number of low molecular weight substances.They studied the effect of leech secretion on the state of human microvasculature and blood clotting system.The effect was amazing!

Efficiency girudoterapii.

balanced action of biologically active substances contained in leech secretion is an important but not the only factor gerudoterapii.Another factor - during feeding leech is a rhythmic effect on the blood supply of the patient: at the site of the perforation of the skin blood vessels constrict.And in remote areas - are expanding, providing a redistribution of "stagnant blood".So improves blood circulation, regulated innervation.This helps to improve the nutrition of tissues and enhance the function of internal organs.

Another factor unique exposure to leeches, is the activation of neurohumoral mechanisms of adaptation.Stimulation of receptors from the bite of the leech acts first locally generates a narrow response.Then, the pulse stream is transmitted to the brain.It activates the complex neuro-hormonal connection that multiplies the possibilities of the body in the fight against adverse effects.

leech saliva is capable of reducing cholesterol, reduce inflammation, slow down the process of blood coagulation, dissolve thrombi.Therefore girudoterapija indicated for the treatment of coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis, for the treatment of hypertension.In particular, the original methods of restoring the health of people who have suffered strokes, worked out and used in many clinics.These methods are based on a combination of acupuncture and hirudotherapy.Leeches are placed in the acupressure points along the main arteries of the head and neck.And also in the projection of the cervical and brachial plexus, upper and lower extremities, which has a very good effect.

Hirudotherapy very well helps at thrombophlebitis, varicose veins, hemorrhoids.Leech is able to raise the possibility of detoxification of the liver, kidneys and lungs.It helps in diseases of these organs, including inflammation.When inflammatory health benefits (reduction of temperature, pain reduction, improvement of general well-being) - can occur very quickly.Oddly enough, but the use of leeches is common in treating various eye diseases.For example, the specialists of the Moscow Eye Hospital successfully practiced hirudotherapy in inflammation of the iris of the eye, glaucoma, and other inflammatory diseases of the eye trauma.Hirudotherapy often eliminates the need for receiving other anticoagulant chemical drugs, antibiotics, hormonal agents.It greatly helps in the treatment of autoimmune, endocrine and gynecological diseases.Among them - asthma, thyroiditis, breast, uterine fibroids small size, endometriosis, some types of primary and secondary infertility.

However, even without any diagnoses each patient, trusting little healer feels like the very first procedure increases the overall tone.How to decrease tension, improves sleep, appetite and overall health.

girudoterapii procedure.

How is the procedure of occupational therapy?Since leeches are very sensitive to dirt, odors, cold, the skin in the places of their application should be cleaned without the use of scented soap.And then warm cotton swab moistened with hot water.After that leech lands on the desired point by using a special container made of transparent glass.As a general rule, the specialist sets per session 6 - 10 leeches.Each in his own sticks.One - immediately.Other long can fit in, choosing the best place applications.Home treatments for bleeding the patient feels a slight tingling sensation on the skin and the rhythmic undulations of the body leech.Depending on the location of application of the whole procedure can last from 10 minutes to 1 hour.Engorged fill, the leech is no longer itself.The entire course of hirudotherapy on average lasts 1-1.5 months.Further it is possible to carry out one-time sessions, depending on the state of health.

After each procedure, bleeding wounds to be treated with iodine and apply a sterile dressing.Blood may ooze from the wound for some time.But the loss of her minor.Do not be afraid of infection and abscesses.As already mentioned, the bactericidal properties of leech saliva is very effective.The only thing possible - this swelling and redness.And also a little itch that will have to endure.Combing place bites can not be, because that's how you can bring an infection.Although the procedure is simple and harmless, it is better in 2-3 days after it did not engage in physical labor, and not to go to the bath or sauna.You can use the shower the next day after the procedure.

complications from treatment with leeches is not seen - it is absolutely harmless remedy.But some people at the place of the leech appears bright redness.If the diameter is about 10 cm, then the patient should hirudotherapy cancel.In rare cases, you are hypersensitive to swelling and redness around the place where the leech is very pronounced.And leech secretion may be common allergic reaction - a runny nose, sneezing, burning sensation in the eyes.This reaction is easily stopped by taking antihistamines.Therefore experienced professionals, usually pre-tested in some patients to identify contraindications.

Hirudotherapy, except in cases of individual intolerance, can not be used for the following diseases: This blood coagulation disorders (such as hemophilia), anemia, hypotension, viral hepatitis.As well as liver cirrhosis, fevers, with frequent bleeding from the nose, stomach ulcers.

If the method is as effective as a whole, the question arises: why it is little use in health care?Of course, the organization girudoterapii and related material of difficulty occur.Here and special conditions leeches, and training, and efforts to overlaying sterile bandages.Yes, and psychological preparation of the patients who habitually swallow a pill than to trust is not very pleasant to the sight of blood-sucking creature.Nowadays, traditional pharmacotherapy does not always produce the desired effect.So feel free to resort to hirudotherapy - treatment of diseases with leeches.After all, except for serious diseases leeches to help with nervousness and stress.Which is so rich in modern-mad mad world.It helps just to relax and gather your thoughts at the crucial moment.