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Medicinal properties of blooming lilacs

In the wild it is found only in the mountainous regions of Eurasia.Namely - in the Western Himalayas, in the Balkans and the Carpathians.All current "lilac wealth" started there.Botanists describe as the lilac shrub 3-10 meters with fragrant flowers, gathered in dense pyramidal panicles.Smooth dark green leaves are at the bottom of a little heart-shaped form, and on top of much sharpened.Chemists - as the repository of farnesol, fenolglikozida syringin, siringopikrina and essential oil.Scientists also know lilacs as a distant cousin of olives and ... the poisonous plant.But herbalists say that lilacs are as valuable as they are beautiful.


medicinal properties of blooming lilacs can only marvel and wonder.Lilac is well understood by our scientists and therefore the plant is medicinal.Although official medicine does not use the lilacs, its popularity among the people that did not detract.Especially prized just blown lilac color.Inside the infusion of dried flowers used primarily for diseas

es of the respiratory tract, accompanied by a cough - bronchitis, whooping cough, asthma, and as a diaphoretic.In addition, other sources, the same tool can be used to treat kidney stones, and even in epilepsy.Alcohol tinctures fragrant flowers are used more actively.As analgesic and anti-inflammatory agent for rheumatism, neuralgia, arthritis.As a means of restoring the health of the affected organs, gastric ulcer and belyah.As a disinfectant - for diarrhea.Tincture of lilac treated even shortness of breath.

Nuances treatment

For connoisseurs "lilac therapy" in some cases even the color was a principled fragrant panicles!So, for the treatment of "spurs" and other diseases, referred to as "salt deposits" (ie for external use) is much more effective considered medicinal properties blossoming lilac white.It is recommended to rub the tincture of the sore spots for those who suffer from osteochondrosis.Other parts of lilac herbalists also not ignored.With the help of "magenta" bast - fiber part of the inside of the cortex - were treated erysipelas.Valued and shrub leaves, which have a strong bitter taste.They are included in the fees, consumed inside with pulmonary tuberculosis.A topically applied as a wound healing remedy for abrasions, migraine.In addition, in many areas the leaves of lilac in the form of this widely used for malaria.

However, clinical trials of drugs leaves on antimalarial action of positive results was not given.Perhaps this has undermined the credibility of classical medicine to the lilac, recognized as a medicinal plant.But as you know, the true treasure, sooner or later find its fans!So it is possible that we will see in drugstores slender ranks of "lilac" drugs.And that charm indescribably blooming lilacs, we know firsthand.Is it possible to pass a blossoming lilac bushes and did not stop to admire the beauty of this, and what flavor is around!

Breathe in and enjoy!
Medicinal properties of blooming lilacs are very large, so this plant is considered significant in folk medicine.

properly prepare infusion and decoction.Make an infusion of lilac easy.To make it, you need to warm up for a couple of raw materials.We take raw materials and fill it with hot water boiled, and the dishes in which the herb is placed in another, where boiling water bubbling.Time for a couple of warming for most plants should not exceed 20 minutes.When cooking broth from lilac dry raw material pour raw cold water and bring to a boil on the fire.Boiling time - 15 minutes.

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