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Traditional medicine: Kombucha

Kombucha is called a special waste product of the two microorganisms that live in symbiosis: acetic acid bacteria and yeast.If active Kombucha placed in a jar, it begins to acquire a circular shape.In appearance it resembles a mushroom felt.

Kombucha surface is smooth and thick, and the bottom with mushrooms hanging strands that resemble seaweed.In this place is the sprout area Kombucha, which is responsible for the process of enlargement.

Kombucha feeds on a variety of sweet solutions are mainly used tea with sugar.In such an environment, a sweet yeast fermentation process of creating and getting a little fizzy drink, resulting in a beverage is formed, carbon dioxide and ethyl alcohol.Then, the process adjoin carbonic bacteria which promote conversion of ethanol to acetic acid - this drink becomes slightly sour taste.As a result, the output should be slightly sour-sweet carbonated drink.This drink is already used by over a hundred years in our country, instead of kvass.

healing properties of tea fun


Many scientists conducted research on the impact of Kombucha on the human body.It was concluded that the beverage improves the digestive system, and have antibacterial properties.Kombucha contains all the necessary for the human body organic acids, vitamins, enzymes, caffeine and ascorbic acid.

antibacterial properties of the beverage from the tea fungus is used for rinsing the mouth with the occurrence of various infectious diseases.The course of treatment with this extract is usually about a month and could lead to lower blood pressure, and if ever consume this drink, it is possible to significantly improve the state of health of an elderly person.When dysbacteriosis this infusion acidify the contents of the gastrointestinal tract, thereby creating a favorable environment for the establishment of normal microflora, and also contributes to the normalization of stool in constipation.

How to prepare a drink from the tea fungus?

possible to prepare a drink of tea fungus in the following manner.Take three-liter jar or other container, pour 1 liter of boiling water, add 1 teaspoon of tea leaves and 2 tablespoons sugar.Then strain out the sweet drink and allowed to cool.After taking Kombucha 1 cm thick., Washed and placed in the sweet solution.Bank does not need to close the lid.In order to prevent dust from coming into the bank enough to close it with several layers of cheesecloth.About a week later the drink can be consumed.The drink of tea fungus can be prepared not only from black tea, and green.Very tasty drink is obtained from herbs with honey.

How to care for Kombucha?

at least once a month, mushroom extract from the jar and washed to remove its lower layers with a thickness of more than 4 cm of the fungus. The amount of the drink must always recover.For this it is necessary to prepare a solution of sweet tea.The solution dozhzhen be sure of boiled water and do not forget to cool down.

Daily should take half a glass of Kombucha drink three times a day, preferably after a meal.