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How to fix a figure for the holiday?

Beautiful breasts

best way to always keep the chest muscles in tone - this is the correct posture and exercise has long been known.Hands clasped in front of him so that the palms touch, lift your elbows and try to press the palms against each other as much as possible.At the same time you have to feel how tense the muscles of the chest.Hold this position for 10-15 seconds and then repeat the exercise 10 more times.It has a positive effect not only on the muscles of the chest, but also to the shoulders and arms.The skin of the breast is very thin and without due care could easily lose elasticity, stretch marks appear, or dark spots.Because regularly do breast massage using oil with vitamin A. This improves skin color, it will become more smooth and elastic.You will also need a regular exfoliation of dead cells and the use of special lotions for breast with collagen, for example, Bust Beauty Firming Lotion by Clarins.

Smooth leather

So unloved us all cellulite is not related to being overweight.B

ut to fix itself can be.He appears at the delay in the tissues of toxins due to poor nutrition and abuse of sweets.To get rid of the orange peel effect, do not try to eat less, better to make the menu more healthy and diverse.Turn it wholemeal bread, vegetables, lean meat and fish, and other foods that are low in fat.As reinforcements in the fight against cellulite, you can use special lotions that contain caffeine.Their action is based on improving the circulation of blood.Do not forget that the orange peel effect is particularly noticeable in the loose skin, so do not neglect to strengthen and firming agents, such as for example Body Lotion Q10 Plus by Nivea.Restore skin smoothness and elasticity by using the procedure "Thermage".The impact of the lifting effect, based on the 6 MHz radio frequency radiation.Thanks to it in the processed tissue temperature rises.Collagen fibers under the skin and provides its elasticity, tightened and sealed.

Slender legs

Recipe beautiful feet is very simple.To fix them easily.It consists of alternating strength training and stretching exercises.By themselves overtaxed strength exercises ligaments as a result they are shortened and made rigid, limited joint mobility, and the legs are too relief.Also, stretching after a workout helps reduce muscle pain.It is basically the perfect balance between strength training and stretching training system built "girotonik."Important components girotonika are the principles of yoga, dance, gymnastics, swimming and tai chi.For classes also require a special simulator, which consists of a bench with fixed arms and stands with sliding weights.The design of the shell lets you perform the movement with the participation of all the joints of the feet, while not burdening the muscles of the lumbar spine.Of course, your feet will benefit both yoga or ballet.But if the time they are sorely lacking, each time you are located in front of the TV, massaging his feet, rising from the heels to the knees.This improves blood circulation, and you can forget about tired legs after long walks and to prevent the appearance of spider veins.