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Jumpers, walkers: there is harmful to the child?

Why do they need?

First we need to figure out why all these things are bought, whether they need the baby, or possibly they can, on the contrary, harm the developing baby.It is known that in some countries the traditional walker officially banned the sale, they can not even buy in a specialty store.Is this just?

fact that the newborn baby does not need any distractions.From 24 hours to 20 hours during the day the baby is asleep, other times - eating.But as babies grow very quickly, then gradually they begin to develop a better vision, baby learns to roll over, grab toys, sit alone, to crawl and eventually walk.

At each stage of a child less time paying their own sleep and more and more awake.It was at this time he needs to take yourself to something fun.When the lifestyle of modern mothers rarely make time to take a child to develop a game or utility toy.And it must be done.Therefore, there is a need for specially adapted, developing and holding a baby at a time while their parents are busy wor

king, or some household chores.

As they get older, when the baby may already own to sit and crawl, many parents take yourself to help the different devices.The most common of them - playpens.They are made of relatively soft material, being in them, the child will not cause injury to themselves.Mom can safely cook, wash and do their household chores.

But the question of how safe and useful other devices - baby jumpers, walkers and different swing - quite controversial.It is assumed that a walker to help your child learn to walk.A jumpers - to develop the leg muscles.Is it really?Alas, all is not as rosy as we would like.Use and jumpers, walkers and harmful to children.

Why it's bad for the baby?

In fact, walkers do not learn to walk.On the other hand, sitting in a walker, baby does not master their own skills to keep his balance, he only moves, starting from furniture and walls.In addition, a baby walker a child is not possible to sit, lie down and just relax.He is forced to constantly be in a vertical position, that disproportionately overload the baby's spine.

should understand that initially walkers were designed only as a device to distract the child at a time to temporarily relieve parents.It was a really good idea, until today's parents did not abuse this achievement.With the constant use of a walker, on the contrary, break during normal child development.Such a child is learning to walk much later than his peers who are not kept long in the walker.

Other dubious "entertainment" for children - children's jumpers.At first glance it seems that the baby gets fun when swinging and bouncing up and down.However, scientists have proved that it is also not conducive to the normal development of the child.Moreover, such entertainment could be dangerous.

You want to give a child to jump - the best solution is to go to an amusement park for children's attractions for jumping.There you will at least be able to stay close to the child and to monitor its safety.At home, you are constantly distracted, and the child can do yourself, while in jumpers in serious injury.Too much pushing off from the floor, it may dislocate or even break (the cases are not uncommon) feet can hit the door jamb, tangled in the straps, just very frightened, tired and not be able to get out on their own.

From all this comes that although baby walkers and jumpers are in the open market up to now, the general opinion of physicians about them clearly from their use is better to abstain.They slow down the development of the child, and often just dangerous for him.

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