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Dental treatment of caries of deciduous teeth

Special cleaning

For kids with the first baby teeth the best brush - Silicone Massager, or, more simply, a fingertip.He looks like a transparent silicone cap with short pimples.Wearing a fingertip on the index finger, and teeth brushing crumbs, you will remove plaque gently and perfectly pomassiruete gums.And with 2-3 years when the child is already able to brush his teeth himself, he needed a special children's toothbrush with an artificial beard (in natural hairs easily spread germs).Broad brush handle to keep the baby comfortable than narrow.Dentists do not recommend the use of electric toothbrush.They have an abrasive effect and damage the thin enamel of children's teeth.Parents who use irrigators, know that it is the instrument by which purged remote places in the mouth.But as the flow of water or dental liquid is fed from it under pressure, for kids it is not appropriate, because it may frighten the child and hurt him enough strong teeth.

The benefits of fluoride

Dentists have shown that

fluoride is useful for the prevention and control of dental caries.Why is that?Fluoro, appeared in the saliva collects on the surface of teeth and pulls them other minerals such as calcium.The latter, in turn successfully restores structure of tooth enamel in the initial stages of its destruction.To do this, children should brush teeth with fluoride toothpaste twice a day - morning and evening.Incidentally, minerals, which are formed on the tooth enamel is much harder than those that were originally on it.And in the tissue of the tooth, a new element - fluorapatite.It effectively resists acid arising in the oral cavity and does not allow bacteria to multiply, which prevents the release of destructive acids.However, for a proper choice of toothpaste is better to turn to a dentist.The fact that there are regions where the water contains high amounts of fluoride.In this case, children's dentist will warn you that you can not clean teeth with a toothpaste containing fluoride.This will increase the level of this element in the body, and its overabundance entails fluorosis.It arises, if the child is much fluoride during tooth formation.The mild form of fluorosis is expressed in small spots on the enamel.In serious - enamel completely changes color, and can be rough.Then, without the help of professionals to clean it is impossible.

On tastes there

Start using toothpaste with 2 years of age.Prior to that, you can get fingertip.Packages pastes Set age children, for whom it is intended.The amount of toothpaste on the brush should be of a small pea.Children under 6 years are categorically not suitable paste "family-style" because they contain harmful substances for them. Make sure that the pasta was not "abrasive. It can damage the thin enamel of children's teeth. And be sure to pay attention to the shelf life of the paste, assome of them are stored only a month. Be careful when choosing a paste with some taste. Sometimes the children are happy to regale a paste. Dentists recommend to buy pasta tasteless and odorless, so the baby does not have any desire to eat it a secret from her mother. But if youall decided to choose the "delicious" pasta, do not take at least a mint, as it sometimes causes vomiting.Every time make sure that, as a child cleans teeth.If unable to keep up, and the baby ate a lot of pasta, it is likely to throw up.With obvious signs of poisoning, call "ambulance".

Together for strong teeth

to kid himself learned to brush your teeth with pleasure, it should inspire the process. Try for some time to turn brushing your teeth into an interesting game. Draw funny faces. Compose a story about healthy Zubkov, who suddenly fell ill because the hostess lazy to clean them. In a word, dream, so that the procedure has evolved from boring to fun and hope. You can go to a small trick. Have read a bedtime story afterteeth will be cleaned. Let the child under the strict guidance of your personal involved in the selection of brushes, toothpaste and the cup. Try to turn cleaning teeth together tradition. By imitating your actions, the baby will get a strong motivation to ensure that clean them with pleasure. Healthy teeth toddler - itMore and proper diet. Limit child in a sweet that contribute to tooth decay. And remember that sugar is contained not only in candies but also in the buns and biscuits.Encourage your baby often eat fruits, apples and carrots, which are not only useful, but also clean the teeth.Try to keep the child in the menu as possible from dairy products containing calcium.And do not frighten the child's horror movies, "Do not brush your teeth - you will drill them and pull." Writing for the good image of the kid dentist - this defender of his teeth, which is the best in the world knows how to help the crumbs to keep it strong and healthy teeth. And notRemember to frequently organize meetings-examination with this best friend of children's tooth.

How to brush your teeth?

Encourage your child to that teeth should be cleaned properly. It is important not simply apply toothpaste and smear it on the teeth, and carefully removefood debris and plaque, due to which bacteria accumulate in the mouth. In the morning should be cleaned - right after breakfast and not before, as previously thought, to remove food debris and clean them on an empty stomach. The second time - after dinner,cleaning out the food debris from the mouth.

proper brushing technique oral

1. Teach your child to wash your toothbrush before cleaning. Explain that during the night her can accumulate germs.

2. Help him to squeeze the brush a small amount of paste, about 0.5 cm. And then show how to correctly position the head of the toothbrush.It should be turned to the gum line at an angle of 45 degrees.Doing short circular movements in the direction of the gums to the cutting edge, thoroughly clean the outer surface of each tooth (10-15 times).Let the kid will repeat your actions.First, it will get this awkward interest him this process.Tell me what his favorite fairy-tale characters also always thoroughly clean teeth.

3. Explain to your child that the inner surface of the teeth should be brushed in the direction from the gum to the upper end of the tooth.Place the brush at the same time is perpendicular to the cutting edge.Do this circular motion (10-15 times) in the direction back and forth.

4. Teach crumbs thoroughly clean the teeth from all sides, without missing the most inaccessible areas.

5. Do not forget to clean the upper front teeth - not only from the outside but from the inside.

6. Teach your kid do yourself a gentle massage gums.Let him close the mouth, without taking the brush and make it a circular motion with the capture of the teeth and gums.It looks pretty funny, but this should be done.

7. Explain to your child that on the tongue also accumulate bacteria.And well, that he at least occasionally cleaning it.To do this quite a few times to hold the brush towards the tip of the tongue.

8. Say, before ending the procedure, you need a good wash brush, washing away food debris and paste between the villi.And then put it in a glass bristle up.

9. Share the secrets of high-quality cleaning: let the kid does not press the brush too hard, use a small amount of paste, carefully and repeatedly propoloschet mouth during and after cleaning.