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Sex with two men - why it is women want

noticed that women who dared to carry out the dreams of rough sex with the two lovers, not only do not regret it, but also eager to repeat like that again.Already ochennerealno sweet and unusual sensations are pleasant, refuse otkotoryh oh how difficult.Threesome causes a storm of emotions!But what is it about nёmosobennogo?Why did he seizes the minds of women, despite the modesty iobschestvennye morals?The fact that sexual uninterrupted (chtoochen important) contact a woman surrounded by affection and attention several partnёrov.Eё want from all sides, attacked her and her waiting impulse response that prinositostrye and extremely strong feelings.From the side it looks like an intense, ongoing, sensual intercourse.

When traditsionnomseksualnom contact when the lover of a woman alone, after the most sex berёtsyapauza to restore strength and desire.The woman, incensed and zhazhduschayaprodolzheniya, bored and forced to hide his disappointment.This neproiskhodit if several partners.Only one is to finis

h as the second sledomvozbuzhdaetsya from the contemplation of what is happening from the side.So gentle touch of a woman postoyannooschuschaet truly wanting her body hands and lips, and inside sebya- hot with desire and passion manhood.Particularly suitable seksvtroёm those whom nature has given a powerful libido.For them, the act of two men vsegdabudet steady flow of sensual pleasures and multiple orgasms.

Why "want" does not always mean "I can»

uzhenschiny Even if there is the thought of sex once with two men, not kazhdayamozhet even just her voice, let alone implement.What way?First and foremost concerned about the reaction of the woman her permanent partner on such smelyyshag.Paradoxically, practically all men are positive about the threesome when in bed, he and two other girls.But try to offer the same seksvtroёm, but with another, but himself, partner.The reaction will, skoreevsego, negative.A man may find you a depraved and even more suspect pohuzhe.Nachnёt all serious, will suffer at the thought that you probably realized his dream at all without him ... That's what the majority of women and fear -postavit threaten its current (albeitnot at all ideal) relationships.

Vtorayaprichina unavailability of fantasies go to practice - public opinion and puritanskoevospitanie.This is also a strong stop on the way to achieving the desired (not only vsekse).Women think that it is something wrong if she thinks of these "vile" things.Especially if it is about a wife and a caring mother.Women even nachinayutobvinyat himself in mental disorders, some (it is a fact) podsazhivayutsyana powerful antidepressants, thinking that it was a temporary breakdown.

All stanetprosche if to admit the obvious: such fantasies - normal dlyazhenschiny.In nature, it is the female chooses a partner from neskolkihpredstaviteley, let alone what criteria - it is a private matter.In the bed of love, affection, tenderness, women need more than men.And one lyubovnikomdostich desired is simply impossible.So do not be afraid to pass vchih's eyes too dissolute.All this - it is normal and estestvenno.Poprobovat to talk with your partner is always - suddenly he will accept your plan sentuziazmom.If he loves and appreciates you, you must accept fully and polnostyutakzhe and your wishes about sex.

How voplotitfantaziyu enforce

course nevsyaky man immediately pleased to welcome the idea of ​​inviting the second partner vvash bed.But this does not mean that you have to just forget about his desire.No, just to approach its implementation best possible care to srazus threshold to declare: "My dear, take off your clothes, I led us to the third."For a start, pogovoriteso your partner, find out how to do it is acceptable given vidseksa.If at the first mention favorite fyrknet once disdainfully and say a firm "no" - do not despair.This is not the end.Pretend temazakryta, they say, you understand everything, you love him and appreciate his opinion.Later cherezkakoe time try to offer him a view of erotic movies on the topic gruppovogoseksa, track his reaction.If the film is removed efficiently, sensibly and krasivo- it can smell out any.You will see that a little bit more - and a favorite fantasy vosprimetvashu more than favorably.So take the initiative in their hands.But delaytevsё order.

So let's say your permanent partner agreed.Whom do we get the third?Spetsialistyne advised to invite someone from friends in common - this will entail further kuchuproblem relations.Jealousy will not be avoided.If you do not have a permanent partnёrau - no problem.Everything is much easier, no need special ulamyvati convince.Random connection in this case will be even better.But the desire to be elected in men, of course, mutual.

How etovyglyadit in practice?There are three basic postures in sex odnovremennos two men.The most common - is when a woman does izpartnёrov one blow, and another caresses her, entering her from behind.The men then menyayutsyamestami.The second position - one of the men included in the Lady classic, and she lying reclining on his back, this time making a second blow.The third posture is not all fit, but differs incredible power of sensual pleasure.A woman enters a Member odnogopartnёra her vagina and the other, perched on his knees from behind, part of the eёanus.This contact is called "double penetration".All these pose dostavlyayutmaksimum pleasure from the process.Typically, women try them, otzyvayutsyavostorzhenno of threesome.They say that such a powerful orgasm nikogdaeschё they have not experienced.Should I deprive myself of all this, for the sake of their fears, shame and public opinion?After all, our life is only one ...

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